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Eyelash growth serums aren’t simply a gimmick used by beauty businesses to persuade you to purchase another product. Lashes, like hair on your head, grow, rest, shed, and renew. However, as we get older, the development process slows down, and our lashes begin to thin down, which is why lash growth serums come into play.

The good news is that the finest eyelash serum no longer has to be prescribed by a dermatologist. An eyelash enhancer may be purchased anywhere, from a department shop to a neighborhood pharmacy, and there are formulations to meet all lash objectives and budgets. Do you need another incentive to utilize an eyelash growth oil? It’s not only about vanity and beauty when it comes to eyelashes. They also shield the eyes from foreign objects that might cause harm or illness.

Understanding the Growth of Eyelashes

Before we can grasp how eyelash growth serums function, we must first understand the development pattern of lashes. There are three distinct phases:

Active Anagen: The initial phase lasts between 4 and 10 weeks. It is the time when the hair linked to the dermal papilla (aka blood supply) feeds the lash, causing it to develop at a pace of 0.12 to 0.14 millimeters each day. The longer a lash stays in this phase, the longer it grows.

Catagen, Transition Phase: This is an important phase because the hair follicle shrinks and disconnects from the dermal papilla, causing eyelashes to cease growing. If one eyelash falls or is plucked out during this phase, the follicle will stay empty until the anagen phase resumes. This time lasts around 2-3 weeks.

Telogen, or Resting Phase: During this last stage, new hairs begin to form inside the eyelash follicle, causing old lashes to shed (about 50% at a time). This phase lasts around 3-4 months before returning to the anagen phase.

Eyelash Growth Serums: The Science Behind Them

To receive it, you must have a prescription. Other over-the-counter eyelash serums are not FDA-approved, therefore their safety and efficacy are unknown.

Nonetheless, several have been ophthalmologist-tested, clinical studies have been done, and dermatologists like them. While these serums will not necessarily encourage new growth, they will assist to thicken and condition lashes, resulting in reduced breakage and loss – particularly during the critical catagen period. Read about the best eyelash serums at this link.

What Do the Top Eyelash Growth Serums Have in Common?

If you’re not ready to commit to a prescription-strength product, seek an over-the-counter one containing lash-loving chemicals. Conditioning chemicals to moisturize and compounds like biotin and peptides to help thicken lashes and assist a healthy development process are common in these products. Hyaluronic acid, castor oil, proteins, amino acids, ceramides, and collagen are other ingredients to search for in an eyelash enhancer.

Keep in mind that since lash development serums are considered cosmetics, determining how effective all of the components are might be difficult. That being said, carefully check the label to determine whether it includes the substances indicated above, and stick to renowned brands like the ones on our top list.

Precautions When Applying an Eyelash Enhancer

While lash growth serums may successfully create longer, fuller lashes, they do have certain hazards.

As with any product used near the eyes, be sure the components are clean, natural, and dermatologically tested. Any irritation or inflammation might further disturb the hair development cycle, resulting in lash loss and thinning.

If you have macular edema, uveitis, or conjunctivitis, avoid using a lash serum.

Don’t allow the applicator to come into contact with any other surfaces, such as your bathroom counter or sink.

How to Use an Eyelash Growth Enhancer

While you should carefully study the directions that come with your chosen lash serum, here are some basic tips.

If you use contact lenses, remove them before applying eyelash serum. Wait 15 minutes after using the product before putting it back in.

Apply your lash serum to a clean, freshly washed face at all times. Before using the ointment, make sure your lashes are dry.

Apply the lash serum at the root of your upper lash line in the same way you would liquid eyeliner. Work the lash brush down the lash line from the outside to the inner corner, being cautious not to get it in your eye.

An eyelash enhancer will only work if you use it regularly. Place your lash growth serum near your bathroom sink or on your bedside to make it easy to include into your nightly routine. Make it a habit to apply it at the same time every evening.

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Aside from lash serum, make sure you’re taking care of your lashes. Take it easy with the lash curler, try not to touch your eyes, don’t make artificial lashes a habit, and carefully remove your eye makeup.

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