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Medical treatments are made from several ingredients that are fused together to create a product that can holistically cater to the maintenance of an individual’s health and wellbeing. It can do this by either eliminating or managing diseases/illnesses or helping healthy bodies function more optimally. Treatment benefits can only be extracted through appropriate dose and strength administration. Tablets such as tadalafil are no different.

The four tadalafil dosage/strength options are explained below:

  • 2.5mg- These tablets contain 2.5mg of the active ingredient and are recommended for daily dosing schedules.
  • 5mg- These pills contain 5mg of the active ingredient and are used in daily dosing schedules as well.
  • 10mg- The 10mg tablet contains 10mg of the active ingredient and is typically used on an as-needed basis. This is one of the most prescribed tadalafil dosing strengths.
  • 20mg- This pill contains 20mg of the active ingredient and is often used if patients did not receive the desired effects or results from the other dosage/strength options. The tablet has higher side effect probabilities linked to it.

Each tadalafil dose essentially produces the same effects. The different strength and dose options are there to accommodate different patients. Higher strength numbers do not mean that the tablet is more potent or more effective.

Tadalafil’s Efficacy is Proven Via its Durational Effects

This pill is known as one of the most popular erectile treatments globally. It is often referred to by the brand name Cialis. Many patients believe that the tablet is inferior to its branded counterpart, Cialis however, this is incorrect. The tablet is equally as effective as Cialis; it uses the same active ingredient and mechanism of action.

It also carries the same risks and benefits. The tablet can effectively tackle symptoms of erectile dysfunction while maintaining balance in the body. The pill has a unique composition which gives it a safety and efficacy profile that is second to none in the medicine world.

The safety profile of the pill means that it can be used by older men and patients with sensitive immune systems. The most defining feature of the treatment is its excellent onset of action and durational effect time frames.

The tablet takes 30-60 minutes to show visible results, with effects lasting approximately 36 hours. The medicine reaches its peak concentration (highest level of the compound in the blood, approximately 2 hours after consumption, which is ideal as sexual intercourse is a layered experience.

Proper Tadalafil dose Administration Practices

Dosage administration is one of the key elements to successful treatment outcomes. It also contributes to the maintenance of patient safety and eliminates the possibility of dose-related side effects occurring during treatment. Thus, experts urge users to practice adherence rather than ignorance.

Below is expert derived tadalafil dosage information:

  • On-demand dosing for erectile dysfunction (ED):

Patients who are using the pill on an as-needed basis can only use the 10mg or 20mg tablet. These doses must be consumed approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity however, there is a leeway of up to 60 minutes.

This means that the tablet can be taken anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity. The 10mg and 20mg tablet cannot be taken together or co-concurrently. Patients can only take a single tablet/ dose once every 36 hours. This is because the tablet has a durational effect timeframe of 36 hours.

  • Once-a-day usage for erectile dysfunction (ED):

Daily dosing schedules usually include a 2.5mg or 5mg dose. The dose must be taken at the same time or around the same time every day regardless of whether sexual activity is planned or not. These doses cannot be combined or used together. Like other doses, the 2.5mg or 5mg dose can only be taken once a day/once every 24 hours.

All doses can be taken with or without food however, high fat or high carb meals should be avoided entirely.

How Does a Tadalafil Dose Work, and What does it Achieve?

Many patients believe that different tadalafil dosing strengths produce varying effects however this is not true. All strengths use the same mechanism of action to execute their function. The pill belongs to a group of medicines called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors.

This class of medication is designed to induce or cause vasodilation. This means that the tablet widens and dilates blood vessels to allow better blood flow. When the treatment is consumed, it is rapidly absorbed by the gut and then dispersed into the bloodstream.

Once it reaches the bloodstream, it causes the dilation of the blood vessels leading to the penis. This means that larger bodies of blood are trapped in the penile region, which facilitates a stable erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.

Patients must understand that the tablet does not cause a continuous erection. The process mentioned above can only be activated through sexual motivation. This includes physical interactions such as foreplay, masturbation or oral stimulation.

What can Affect the Consumption of a Tadalafil Dose?

Before commencing with a treatment plan that includes this ED tablet, patients must be wary of certain aspects such as contraindications as it can significantly affect their treatment experience and outcomes.

The following factors can influence the effects produced by a dosage of tadalafil  or how it is administered:

  • Alcohol: Although many believe that alcohol will intensify the effects of an ED pill, it will not. Alcohol consumption can decrease an individual’s ability to achieve an erection as it depresses the nervous system.
  • Blood pressure: The combination of blood pressure medication and this tablet can cause a blood-pressure-lowering effect, leading to dizziness or fainting.
  • Heart conditions: Patients with previously diagnosed heart conditions should use this medication with caution as the tablet dilates blood vessels.
  • Reduced kidney or liver function: This can cause a build-up of this medicine in the body, inducing side effects. Patients with kidney issues usually take lower doses on an as-needed basis rather than a continuous basis.
  • Grapefruit: Grapefruit or grapefruit juice can increase the amount of tadalafil in a patient’s bloodstream, causing undesirable effects.
  • Penis deformation: Men with an anatomical penile deformation must closely monitor their response to treatment as adversities are possible.

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