Finding the Perfect Jeans for Your Curves

Jeans form an integral part of most people’s wardrobes. They’re loved and adored worldwide because they can make arranging outfits effortless and because they can be worn regularly for years before they need to be replaced. Such a versatile piece of clothing is usually found in closets worldwide, but this may not be the case for you if you have curves. Though curves are beautiful and deserve a place in the world, just like all other body types, clothing companies cannot provide suitable products for them. Keep reading to find out how you can help with this issue and get the perfect jeans for you.

1.    Understand your body type

Once you’ve identified yourself as being curvy, it’s important to further differentiate yourself to know which clothing suits you. Jeans for curvy women come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to figure out what you need. The most common body types are hourglass, apple, pear, and rectangle. If you have an hourglass figure, jeans that highlight your waist may suit you. If you fall under the pear body type, you may prefer jeans that balance your hips and your thighs, and if you’re apple-shaped, jeans that create a better-defined waist will be ideal. Understanding your body type is the key to determining what suits you best.

2.    Get the right rise

The rise on your jeans is also an important consideration and one you’ll have to be sure about before you purchase since it can have a huge impact on both the overall look and the comfort level of your new jeans. The rise of your jeans refers to how high they’ll be situated on your waist. High-rise jeans are great for hourglass figures since they help to accentuate curves while smoothing out the waist for a better-defined look. However, this may not suit everyone’s preferences or body type, as mid-rise and low-rise can be even more flattering, especially if you’re pear-shaped.

3.    Opt for stretch denim

The fabric that goes into your jeans plays a role in how good they look, but they’re even more important in making the jeans as comfortable as possible. The best fabric curvy women can use is stretch denim, which uses blended spandex, elastane, and raw denim. These jeans can easily expand, providing greater maneuverability and comfort so that you can stay in them all day. Getting stretchy jeans is a great way of getting a pair of jeans that fit properly and accentuate your curves while still being able to move around in a non-restrictive way.

4.    Look for contoured waistbands

Contoured waistbands can be a lifesaver for curvy women, and they’re being featured in more and more jeans. Getting jeans with contours in the waistband will allow them to fit more snugly and provide a better seal at the waist. This results in less fabric popping out, so the chances of your jeans being loose are heavily reduced, and the fit won’t look out of place if you’re tucking in a shirt.

5. Try different styles

It’s important to experiment with your jeans and find a balance that’s right for you. Though many women prefer stretchy denim due to its comfort, different fabrics like ring-spun denim and bull denim can be just as comfortable while providing a different texture. Similarly, fits like bootcut, flared jeans, straight-leg, and skinny jeans can all provide new and unique additions to your outfits while still being comfortable and practical if they’re made well enough.


Curves are beautiful, and you should be proud of them and feel confident. Companies typically target their products at the widest possible customer base, resulting in women with curves finding it more difficult than usual to get the perfect fit for their jeans. The jeans could be too tight and difficult to put on, and if you go up a few sizes, you may find that once you put them on, the fit isn’t right, and it looks at odds with the rest of your outfit. However, fixing this issue is simple and is something you’ll easily be able to do if you use the information in this article.

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