Fishing Games by FC Fa Chai: Available Betting Options on Maxim88

Only a few online casinos are as enterprising as Maxim88 in the Malaysia online casino space. The popular betting platform is committed to making the site more fun and rewarding for every registered member. Yet, Maxim88 doesn’t support mediocrity; the brand ensures every game and service is high-quality, fair, and productive. As a member, you get to enjoy a premium gaming experience on live casino games, slot games, sports betting, esports betting, lottery games, and fishing games.

Speaking of fishing games Malaysia, the adventurous betting category has added a new layer of entertainment with the introduction of FC Fa Chai iGaming products. Now, Maxim88 players can enjoy four distinct fishing games from a reputable game provider. All the games come with appealing graphics, challenging gameplay, and massive winnings. If you are yet to try out any of the FC Fa Chai fishing games on Maxim88, here is everything you need to know. Let’s begin. 

1. Monkey King Fishing 

Since the release of Monkey King Fishing in 2019, it has become one of the most rewarding fishing games in the online gaming industry. The adventure is as interesting as the gameplay is fulfilling. During the game, you’ll be going on a challenge against the Dragon King with the Monkey King. This classic character will see you through the game as a self-declared Great Sage. If you are lucky enough to have the Monkey King pop up in the field, you can land between 100 to 300 times the multiplier.

Monkey King Fishing has an impressive 97% RTP. This means you have a significantly high chance of winning the game, regardless of your experience. Players can be quite lucky to win as high as 1000 times their full bet in the game. This is possible with the special treasure chest reward game. Monkey King Fishing also involves challenging the Monkey King Boss and collecting Dragon Balls for a higher reward bonus. Players can access the fishing game on Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and Windows PC.  

2. Bao Chuan Fishing 

Here is another entertaining fishing game from FC Fa Chai on Maxim88. It is based on the storyline of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie sequels. Hence, don’t be surprised to meet the legendary Jack Sparrow and his pirate treasure ship. The innovative fishing game involves finding mysterious treasures across seven seas in the game. Bao Chuan Fishing game features the Magic Compass, which can be used to find your way to the island if you ever miss your way. 

Like Monkey King Fishing, Bao Chuan Fishing also has an impressive 97% RTP. Likewise, you can win as high as 1000 times multiplier in the game by triggering the Spring water of youth. Players who manage to loot treasure on the boat get to land 300x multiplier. The Bao Chuan Fishing game is designed with Trident and Autocannon special weapons for attacking wild creatures. If you manage to use the Magic Compass correctly, you stand a chance of winning a 500x multiplier. Bao Chuan Fishing is accessible on multiple devices. 

3. Fierce Fishing

As the name suggests, Fierce Fishing is quite challenging. However, the rewards are correspondingly significant. The gameplay centers on exploring the marine world and collecting as many treasures as possible. Fierce Fishing comes with several marine animals, an angry Dragon King, etc. It is encouraged to set your budgets and number of gaming sessions before commencing the game. This is because Fierce Fishing is designed with appealing graphics and interesting sounds that will likely keep you engaged for hours. However, once you reach your limit, you can then call it a day. 

Fierce Fishing also features an incredible 97% return to player percentage. This means you’ll likely end up with winnings by playing the fishing game from FC Fa Chai. Players who manage to slash the angry sea Dragon King can activate a massive 2000x multiplier in the game. Also, players can trigger the Play Together Grand Prize, enhancing their total bet by 3000 times. Fierce Fishing features special weapons, including Dragon King Cannon and Drill Cannon. These weapons help increase the fatality rate when you target marine creatures during the game. 

4. Star Hunter

This is arguably the most intriguing and action-packed fishing game from FC Fa Chai on Maxim88 casino. In Star Hunter, you’ll explore some unknown universe, trying to find mysterious treasures in the galaxy. In other words, you’ll come across sentient elements and characters. The adrenaline-pumping game features several modes and extras, making the game more exciting and rewarding. For instance, the “extra bet mode” helps take on a subchallenge in the game. Meanwhile, players can use optimal combat mode for greater accuracy. Plasma canon can help save extra combat energy to see the game through. 

With the incredible extras, you will be facing invincible fighters that you need to challenge heads-on. Endeavor to collaborate with your colleagues to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy. As a player, ensure that you switch to the “Extra bet mode” whenever the dual boss wants to evolve. In this way, you get to unlock an exclusive 3000x multiplier. Star Hunter has an impressive 96.5% RTP, which means a high possibility of accruing significant winnings. Feel free to use your extra bet to unlock 58, 48, or 38 free bullets and load your Gauss Gun. Good luck beating the odds. 


While FC Fa Chai has developed incredible fishing games to enjoy and get rewards, Maxim88 offers the games on a secure, safe, and seamless platform. Also, the licensed online casino provides several bonuses, promos, and exclusive deals to help players to win more and recover any losses made. Also, customer support is always available to provide necessary resources for guidance and answer questions. Maxim88 offers reliable deposit and withdrawal methods for safe transactions. 

Meanwhile, Malaysian online casino utilizes multiple security measures. In this way, you can be assured that your gaming activities, personal data, and finances are adequately protected. Whether you choose to enjoy Star Hunter, Bao Chuan Fishing, Fierce Fishing, or Monkey King Fishing, a premium and entertaining gaming experience is certain on Maxim88. Enjoy the gameplay. 

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