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Freelancing As The Main Profession

Freelancing is an independent job. It’s mainly the duty of giving service for few hours or few tasks to a company or someone. In a word, its self-employment. Usually, a freelancer job has a payment method per job basis. There is no permanent salary or pension; once the job is done, there is no connection between the company and freelancer. Though it’s an unpredictable job, now it’s a popular profession choice for people. Now we will discuss the pros and cons of a freelancing job.

Positive Side: As mentioned above, it’s a free job. A freelancer can choose him or her working hours, no one can force them to set the time, and they can reject the task they don’t like. A freelancer can spend more family time than a full-time employee. If the family needs them here, a freelancer can easily there. Freelancer has to motivate themselves alone, cause they don’t have any boss or colleague to support themselves. Also, no one can take advantage of the weak points of a freelancer. If you can motivate yourself to break your echo chamber it’s easy to be a freelancer and survive with honour and dignity.

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Undesirable Side: there is so much risk and uncertainty of this. There are no sure possibilities whether a freelancer got a job within a day or two days as they earn per task its uncertain that when he will be able to earn some money.

Freelancing needs immense skill, cause any company don’t want to give a job to an unexperienced, novice. It takes time to get experienced; until then, patience and practice are the only jobs for freelancing as their primary job.

Conclusion: Permanent job or freelancing job both needs patience, courage, skill, dedication. If you are confident enough to give your life hassle-free, order less job, you can try freelancing. Before that, you have to gain the actual knowledge of which sector you want to do as a freelancer. If you think you can carry the risk congratulation, you are ready to ride as a freelancer!

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