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Lodge Bros began as a stonemasonry firm in Hamilton, Victoria, in 1918. Since then, they have offered a diverse selection of cemetery plaques, monuments in Melbourne, including marble and natural stone monuments. Anybody who has lost someone goes through a terrible moment, which is why Lodge Bros headstone Melbourne tries to comfort them through their specialization in cemetery plaques and memorials.

You may rely on Lodge Bros’ competent and caring staff members to

  • Guide you in selecting a cemetery plaques and monument and its materials. Lodge Bros’ experienced and courteous stonemasons can create one-of-a-kind and expressive grave monument designs to meet our clients’ needs.

Lodge Bros Stonemasons has been producing excellent construction works, natural stone monuments in Melbourne for different clients since 1918, and they are currently working on it. Lodge Bros’ specialty is that

  • They place a strong emphasis on producing exceptional quality.
  • They’ve collaborated with city governments, churches, and colleges to create, remodel, and restore stunning masterpieces that will last for generations. Clients will be able to better memorialize their loved ones for decades through these burial monuments and memorials.

At Lodge Bros Stonemasons, you’ll receive a lot more than you planned for, including:

  • The natural stone cladding and other construction projects.
  • More than headstones, you can found more at Lodge Bros Stonemasons. Such as renovation of different monument, cleaning thanks to the skill of their employees. Lodge Bros can also help with different construction projects. Including the installation of beautiful stone wall cladding in Melbourne.

Lodge Bros professional stonemasons have the knowledge and skills to restore existing masonry. Along with this, the Lodge Bros Feature Stonework is also impressive. As a highlight for any home or commercial project, big or small, Lodge Bros’ specialized staff can deliver natural stone cladding in Melbourne. They work closely with clients to produce high-quality materials and outcomes, regardless of the architectural application.

The following is a brief list of Lodge Bros’ expertise:

  • Pet Memorials are also another expertise of Lodge Bros. Because, people treat their pets as though they were family members.
  • Lodge Bros can provide you with the granite panel with a brief inscription of your beloved departed pet to place in your backyard as a tribute.
  • However Lodge Bros can create the endless inscription.Lodge Bros can also recreate any font in any size or style, colour in any inscription.

Lodge Bros Churches can also build beautiful stone walls for Melbourne churches.As well as religious objects like

  • Altars,
  • Baptismal fonts,
  • Spires, and
  • Liturgical Furniture.

Lodge Bros is capable more than this. Renovations and restorations are also a specialty of theirs for cemetery plaques and grave monuments. Even the most beautiful monuments and stone constructions can begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear over time. As a result, Lodge Bros Stonemasons provides a different kinds of renovation and restoration services to maintain stone structures and artefacts in good condition. You can trust Lodge Bros to get the job done correctly, whether restoring broken marble or cleaning beautiful stone cladding.

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