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Human hair toppers are hair units designed to conceal hair loss at different stages and different areas of the scalp. The units come in various sizes and shapes for you to choose from. There are those that cover the top of the head, others cover the sides, and others cover the back. You choose the ones that give you the best results. The units are ideal for anyone looking to cover up thinning areas or baldness. The toppers add the look of fullness to the existing hair. You don’t have to be suffering from alopecia to wear a topper. You can also wear it to balance the long extensions at the sides of your head.

Factors to consider when buying a topper

When purchasing the topper, you need to consider some factors that include:

The extent of hair loss: As mentioned above, the units come in different sizes and shapes. This means that different sizes of toppers are ideal for various types of hair loss. If you have just begun losing hair, the hair starts in a diffused pattern at the top of the head. At this stage, you should go for a topper with a smaller base size. You can also consider a unit with an internal base. If the hair loss is progressive, the scalp at this stage is noticeable. To cover it you need a medium to a large topper. Advanced stages of hair loss are characterized by prominent and completely bald areas of the scalp. Here, you should go for a full wig that will cover the entire scalp.

Color: The color of the hairpiece is another factor you should consider. For an ideal look, go for a piece that is as close as possible to the color of your natural hair. You should note that it’s rare to find a pink lace front wig that is a perfect match, but with patience, you will find one that closely resembles your hair such that people won’t even be able to tell the difference. In addition to hair color, also consider the type of hair. Hair toppers are made from different materials such as synthetic, human hair, and heat friendly synthetic hair. Each type has its pros and cons. You should choose the one that is ideal for your needs.

Natural wigs:

No matter what the reason is that you may need a wig, it can be really intimidating trying to by one that works for you. Natural-looking wigs are only going to look so if the style, color, and fit are right for you. You may be nervous about picking the wrong real hair wigs and not looking your best, but choosing one isn’t so hard once you have an idea of what works. Some wigs are one size fits most, with a stretchy net that can accommodate many. Of course, if you find that you fall into the very small or very large category, you can always see if custom made wigs would be a better option so everything fits well.

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