Getting into a New Instrument: A Guide for Music Fans

For music fans, the sounds of instruments played by their favorite bands is one of life’s great pleasures. Going to gigs and concerts and following up on new releases is something that millions of people do each week, sourcing the best musical experiences on offer in their area and online. And if you’re a huge music fan, there’ll be a part of you that wants to get in on the act – to learn how to play certain instruments and to perform one day alongside a band. In this article, we’ll explain how you can best get into a new instrument – helping you achieve those musical goals.

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Select Your Instrument

The first port of call is, of course, selecting the instrument that you want to play. Plenty of people know which instrument is for them and beeline for a shop that sells them. Whether that’s a guitar, a piano, or a flute, they’ll head out to find a good-value option that they can take home and begin playing immediately. If it is percussion that interests you, you can take latin percussion lessons online also these days.

But there are others who simply want to learn music, and don’t quite know which instrument, of the many they love, that they should learn to play. If this is the case for you, it’s worth considering which instrument suits you the best. Some require real hand and finger dexterity, while others require lung capacity. Search online to check which instrument best suits your talents and skills.

Taking Lessons

Next up, once you’re equipped with your instrument of choice, is to begin learning how to play it. This is a quest that’ll take you many months and years to perfect, and sometimes it’ll get trying and testing. But nothing good comes for free, and the effort you put into getting to grips with your instrument will pay dividends when you can finally pick it up and play any tune you’d like.

There are two routes for your lessons. You can either go for in-person lessons, which will hinge around a weekly session at a music center or in your home, or you can opt for online tuition. With tutors offering everything from online saxophone lessons to sheet music skills, there’s an abidance of knowledge and know-how that you can skim right off the internet and into your home.

Learning Songs

One of the great joys of learning an instrument is to begin playing your favorite songs. That’s what makes practicing so enjoyable: you know exactly how it ought to sound, and you’ll happily put in the time to get it just right. Of course, it takes time, but it’s time well-spent with some of your favorite tracks.

With the help of a teacher or tutor – or even a YouTube tutorial – you can slowly build up the skills to play these songs from start to finish, feeling your way into the music and connecting anew with some of the finest tracks in your collection. This is the ultimate experience with a new instrument: making it purr to your favorite songs.

These tips will help you pick up a new instrument and begin playing it, helping you get even more connected to the music you love.

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