Grow Green: 3 Must-Have Plants for your Garden

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made most people stay in their houses most of the time. It can get quite dull, but there are some things one can do to have fun still and be satisfied. Do a hobby, try a new exercise routine, or how about planting?

Aside from cleaning the air around, plants can elevate one’s mood. Indeed, planting is fun and satisfying. Having resources in the garden would be a great way to avoid the risks of being outside. Here are the must-have plants that are not only fun to grow but also have actual uses for their owners’ health: get a tree and garden expert in Philadelphia


There are different kinds of herbs that would surely be a great addition to a home garden. Herbs are known to have medicinal benefits. Herbs, such as sweet alyssum, are great plants to have given their multi-purpose: for health and improving your garden’s landscapes. Here are more reasons why plant herbs:

Easy-Peasy to Grow

It is one of the easiest plants to grow as it requires very minimal effort. Indeed an excellent plant for beginner gardeners. Either start with seeds and transplants, and it’s done. It’s not even necessary to have a garden to grow herbs, all that is needed is a pot with soil in it, then, of course, water so the herbs can grow well and rapidly.

Flavors in Herbs

There are those called Culinary herbs: rosemary, parsley, oregano, basil, to name a few. Aside from the health benefits it herbs possess, it is widely known that it can be added or made into different drinks or food such as tea, essential oils, etc.

Remember that freshly picked herbs have the most flavor. So that store-bought herbs are nothing compared to homegrown herbs in terms of taste. Think of it this way, it’s healthier, tastier, and makes the garden look exceptionally interesting.

Healthy Gardener

Having herbs in the garden or even just by a window in a pot can make the gardener or owner healthier in many ways. Growing plants is fit for a person’s mental health, and of course, herbs, in general, are beneficial when consumed.

Organic herbs are proven to have better health benefits as they are free from chemicals and other dangerous substances applied to plants in a factory. Consuming herbs detoxifies and strengthens your immune system. Herbs also help in a person’s digestion, mood, colds, and many more.

Fragrant Flowers

Fun Fact: the sense of smell is closely linked to the memory of a person. Fragrances are handled by what is called the olfactory bulb, located in the forebrain. Odors follow a direct path to the limbic system, like the amygdala and the hippocampus, the regions linked to emotion and memory. Fragrant Flowers is a great way to remind someone of you and vice versa.

Uplifting Moods

Undeniably, a sweet scent can make someone’s entire day. How much more if the smell comes from flowers? Most people stop in front of a lovely scented flower to take everything in. It is just amazing how nature can give people certain satisfaction and calmness.

Improving Memory

Many people don’t know it, but taking care of plants, in general, can help improve one’s focus, memory, and emotions. Improving memory through flower scents has been proven effective since each aroma a person smells would be collected by the brain and retained for some time. Reinforcing those aromas would be easier for the brain to recall and memorize the scents.

Fragrant Health Benefits

In some hospitals, it can be observed that most of the rooms with patients have fresh flowers on display. This is due to the findings that patients from those rooms (with fresh plants and flowers) have a more positive psychological state compared to those patients in rooms without.

Imagine having a set of fresh fragrant flowers in the garden. That would indeed be superb! It would be perfect for a person’s mental health in general. Taking care of the plants would be a great exercise for both the mind and body.

Vegetable Plants

This is a very obvious must-have in one’s garden. Planting vegetable plants have numerous benefits: to the body, to the mind, even to the pocket! Saving money is the most significant part of this! Indeed, a very efficient and fun way to do gardening.

Diet All the Way

Having a vegetable garden would have an outstanding contribution to your diet. This is ideal, especially for vegetarians. One can have the privilege to plant their favorite vegetable and have access to it any time. Plus, one can make it one hundred percent organic.

Planting and aiming for a vegetable garden can be overwhelming to some, but once you start, it is easy to get the hang of it. It can be a way to be one step closer to achieve a healthier version of a person’s self.


In the end, it is one’s choice what plants they want to add to their garden. However, it is pretty important to consider the benefits one can get from the plants they choose. Of course, other factors must be considered: the size of the actual garden and the amount of effort you can give to grow the plants. Plan thoroughly first before starting.

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