Guidelines That You Must Know All About How You Can Buy GP SMS Pack 

All of the accessible GP SMS Offer are now available to you. There are far too many SMS offers to choose from. From their end, the user can instantly select any Package. We have noticed that different people use different Offers. The needs of the complete user vary on a daily or monthly basis. So, check out all of the GP SMS Offer and pick the finest one for you.

GP 25 SMS Pack 2TK

Customers with a GP Prepaid or Postpaid number can activate this little SMS Offer. This bundle activates fast with the help of a USSD code. This Pack has a 3-day validity period. So, before you buy this deal, read the details below.

  • Dial *121*1015*2# to activate the 25 SMS for 2 TK deals.
  • This package has a 3-day validity period
  • This SMS Offer is available to both Prepaid and Postpaid consumers.
  • Because the user has no activation limit, this Bundle can be used an unlimited number of times within the campaign duration.

This is not a regular deal; it may expire at any time. If you are unable to activate this deal, please contact GP for further information. To get gp sms pack, you should dial any of one codes here.

GP 100 SMS 7TK

Customers on GP Prepaid and Postpaid can activate a 100 SMS Pack for 4 days. This SMS is only for GP to GP communication. This Pack may be purchased by a consumer who wants to send a message to a GP number. Make sure your receiver number is GP, though. Now, a number in the 013 or 017 series may not be a GP number. Users can change their operator at any time by keeping their phone number the same, according to the MNP System. Now that you have the instructions, you can activate the 100 GP to GP SMS Pack.

  • To activate this SMS Pack, dial *121*1015*1#.
  • This offer is valid for all GP Prepaid and Postpaid clients.
  • This package contains 100 SMS that can be sent to any GP number
  • A 100 SMS Pack will set you back 7 BDT.
  • Dial *121*12# or use the App to check your SMS balance.

SMS Offer from GP Flexi Plan

Flexi Plan allows all GP subscribers to activate a customizable SMS Pack. Flexi Plan now allows users to conveniently purchase 50 SMS, 200 SMS, and 500 SMS Packs. A user will be charged BDT 5.99 if they buy a 50 SMS Pack for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days. The cost of a 200 SMS Pack is 11.07 BDT, while a 500 SMS Pack is 19 BDT.

On this Flexiplan SMS Pack, the validity isn’t guaranteed. As a result, when purchasing these SMS Packs, the user has the option of selecting the maximum validity. The balance of an SMS can be checked via a short code or an app. Here is a summary of the GP Flexiplan SMS Pack’s features. As a result, GP users would receive a personalized SMS offer. They receive a Promotional Message from GP Offer, in which they are offered an enticing SMS Bundle. So keep an eye on your inbox and don’t miss a single

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