Hair loss treatment and home remedies that work wonders

Hair loss guide is the most trending topic to read on the internet. YouTube and Instagram videos about hair loss and remedies are getting massive views and feedback within days. The reason is quite simple. Hair loss has become one of our major beauty concerns nowadays. Hair loss, thinning of hair, regressive hairline, premature greying of scalp hair, dry and rough hair are the most common complaints of men and women worldwide. 

If you already tried tons of hair growth serum for women and men and still did not get any visible results, then this article can save the rest of your hair from falling. 

Causes of hair loss 

Several factors and reasons work behind the screen of hair loss. Here is a list apart from using the wrong cosmetic as a reason for your hair loss. If the symptoms match you, then you might need immediate medical intervention rather than beauty parlor therapy to improve the situation. Please scroll below to get a brief description. 

Medical causes 

If you have medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid abnormalities, increased blood histamine level, genetic balding process, and skin conditions frequently aggravate hair loss. 

Diabetes And thyroid abnormalities

Diabetes causes hair loss more frequently than any other known conditions or diseases in the world. More than a third proportion of people who are currently suffering from this disease explain the situation. More than half of the population on the earth is a silent carrier of this disease or has a familial predisposition of diabetes Mellitus. Juvenile diabetes is one of the most common causes of hair loss in children and during puberty. Females remain concerned about their looks and hair conditions all the time. Sadly, hair loss probability is more common in females than males. Though, females usually do not face complete balding patterns. 

Getting rid of hair loss problem

Hair loss problems are long-term conditions that may require a lengthy and tedious process of repair. It includes a diagnosis of the underlying disease that is causing hair loss. Then comes choosing the best treatment protocol to solve the problem. If you do not have any severe medical condition requiring medical attention, you can choose the natural treatment protocol to improve your situation and prevent hair loss. 

Natural hair loss treatment

Nature is the answer to all secrets. Nowadays, we have modern treatment protocols and medicines for several conditions. But, the initial element always comes from nature to date. So, you can use natural products to ease your hair loss problems. 

Henna paste 

Henna is one of the oldest natural extracts that we are using to date to color, contour, and strengthen our hair. You can use henna powder that is available in your nearest beauty store. Or, you can choose to go more natural and take raw leaves from the henna tree and blend it along with tea leaves and a little lemon juice to enhance the activities. Hena will repair your hair from the core and give a natural red wine tint to your hair. Natural henna color is way more long-lasting, provides a natural glow, and prevents excessive hair loss at the same time. 

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek is another natural wonder that can repair your significantly damaged hair within weeks, if not days. You can use raw fenugreek seeds to crush and blend up with henna, coconut oil, or yogurt to get the best results. Using the hair pack once or twice a week will help you strengthen your hair’s keratin layer. Strong keratin means minor hair fall.

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