Harmonies of Time and Sound: Unveiling the Ben Miller Band’s Journey

The Ben Miller Band is a musical entity that has carved its path through time with an intriguing blend of melodies and stories. From their humble beginnings to their latest endeavor, “Feathers of Ma’at,” the band’s history is a testament to their creative evolution. 

Join us as we delve into the band’s biography, significant milestones, and their mesmerizing debut trio album that weaves together the threads of ancient mysticism and modern musicality.

Inception and Evolution

Hailing from Joplin, Missouri, the Ben Miller Band emerged onto the American music scene in 2005, bringing with them a distinctive blend of genres that defies categorization. The band’s current lineup comprises the talents of Ben Miller, who serves as the lead vocalist and guitarist. Alongside him is Scott Leeper, a multi-faceted instrumentalist who masters the homemade one-string washtub bass and contributes to drums and backing vocals. 

Adding to the eclectic mix is Rachel Ammons, a versatile artist who showcases her skills as a lead and backing vocalist, as well as a violinist, cellist, guitarist, and electric cactus player. Completing this ensemble is the dynamic Bob Lewis, a guitarist, bassist, and percussionist who adds a rhythmic layer to the band’s sonic tapestry.

As musical alchemy of folk, blues, bluegrass, and country influences, the Ben Miller Band seamlessly weaves together an array of styles that resonate with a wide audience. Originating with a self-proclaimed “Ozark Stomp” sound, the band’s evolving musical identity has found its home within the term “Mudstomp,” an allusion that both encapsulates their sonic roots and reflects their evolving creative journey.

Founded in the heart of the United States, the Ben Miller Band has grown from its Joplin origins to captivate listeners with a sound that transcends geographical boundaries. The fusion of individual talents and musical genres within the band yields a captivating experience that remains as unique as it is hard to define.

Milestones and Musical Odyssey

The Ben Miller Band’s renowned “Ozark stomp.” With a decade of dedicated craftsmanship under their belts, this trio has achieved a noteworthy pinnacle through their recent association with a recognized label. Despite their elevated profile, the band steadfastly retains their unadulterated, homemade ethos.

The band’s path has been punctuated by remarkable milestones that have defined their musical odyssey. As their popularity grew, the Ben Miller Band found themselves performing at iconic venues and festivals, captivating audiences with their enchanting performances. With each step forward, they explored new sonic landscapes and honed their craft, paving the way for their latest endeavor.

“Feathers of Ma’at”: A Glimpse into the Ethereal

The much-anticipated release of “Feathers of Ma’at” marks a pivotal moment in the Ben Miller Band’s journey. This debut trio album, featuring Ben Miller on various instruments, Taru Alexander on drums, and Joseph Lepore on bass, is a profound reflection of Miller’s spiritual and creative voyage. The album’s overarching theme draws from the ancient Egyptian concept of Ma’at, symbolizing truth, balance, and justice.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Witness the magic of the Ben Miller Band live as they take their captivating melodies to stages across the world. Here are some of their upcoming tour dates:

Date Venue Location
Jul 21 Peoria Brewing Co. Peoria, IL
Jul 22 Atomic Cowboy Saint Louis, MO
Jul 27 Forty One Bridge Street Collinsville, CT
Jul 28 Newport Folk Fest Newport, RI
Jul 29 Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 New York, NY
Jul 30 Atwood’s Tavern Cambridge, MA
Aug 02 Mike Diana’s Grill Room Corolla, NC
Aug 04 Nightfall Concert Series at Miller Plaza Chattanooga, TN
Aug 17 Downstream Casino Quapaw, OK
Aug 20 Cosmo Park Columbia, MO

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Track by Track Exploration:

  • “Wise Path”: The album opens with a contemporary jazz trio sound, setting the stage for the mystical journey ahead. Energetic piano, rhythmic drum patterns, and resonant bass seamlessly intertwine.
  • “Azoth”: Continuing the momentum, “Azoth” weaves a musical tapestry that builds upon the themes introduced in “Wise Path,” bridging the tracks together with a harmonious flow.
  • “Internal Eyes”: A moment of introspection, “Internal Eyes” offers a meditative space between notes, inviting listeners to explore their own inner landscapes.
  • “Seahorse Valley”: The tempo picks up with the brisk shuffle of “Seahorse Valley,” allowing Taru Alexander’s drum work to shine as it carries the listener along.
  • “Zep Tepi”: Angular in sound, “Zep Tepi” challenges listeners to engage with its dynamic shifts, enhanced by Alexander’s captivating drum solo.
  • “Ennead”: Featuring the Rhodes, “Ennead” infuses blues elements and highlights Joseph Lepore’s bass prowess. A standout track that showcases the trio’s cohesion.
  • “Lubicz Cube”: Exploring spiritual energy centers, “Lubicz Cube” weaves melody around a captivating bass line, illustrating Miller’s compositional prowess.
  • “Rise, Tide, Rise”: An instrumental version with controlled energy, offering a glimpse of what could be a lyrically profound piece played at a slower tempo.
  • “Unjaded Hero”: Reflecting a bygone era of jazz trios while maintaining contemporary relevance, this track exemplifies the band’s versatility.


Embracing Ancient Wisdom Through Sound: The Ben Miller Band’s journey from its formation to the release of “Feathers of Ma’at” showcases a dedication to musical exploration and artistic growth. As they infuse their compositions with spiritual undertones and modern musicality, they invite listeners to embark on a harmonious journey through time and sound. “Feathers of Ma’at” stands as a testament to their creativity, vision, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for this emerging musical force.

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