Healthy Living: Is Kratom Good For You?

Are you an advocate for all things healthy living?

From the good fats in avocados to the antioxidants in bell peppers, you’re probably a pro at what’s good for you and what isn’t! But, have you ever heard of kratom?

This all-natural, plant-powered substance is taking the health world by storm. But, as something that isn’t yet widespread, a lot of people are critical of whether or not kratom should take a place in the world or health products or be kicked to the kerb.

Find out more in our guide to the health benefits of kratom and everything you need to know about this superpower powder.

What is Kratom?

Before getting into the health and wellness benefits of kratom, let’s take a look at what it actually is.

Kratom starts its life as a leaf on the Mitragyna speciosa tree that’s native to Southeast Asia. Just like green tea, it’s picked at a certain point in its life cycle, ground up into a fine powder, and shipped off to kratom-lovers around the world. It’s actually been used in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia for hundreds of years as herbal medicine, but it’s only recently started to make waves in the Western world.

There are different varieties of kratom, known as strains, that have different benefits. The main kratom strains are:

  • Red vein
  • White vein
  • Green vein

These different strains are created when the leaf is picked at different times. It’s important to remember that every strain will give you a different experience, and the benefits of kratom aren’t universal.

Now, let’s take a look at whether kratom is actually good for you or not.

Benefits of Kratom

There’s no denying that kratom has a lot of benefits that users report. However, research into these is still in a fairly early stage, so you can’t take all of the benefits as gospel. Take these with a pinch of salt and know that the best way to find out how kratom might help you is by using it yourself.

Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relief

Without a doubt, the main benefit of kratom is its pain-relieving properties. There are two compounds in kratom that reduce inflammation; rhynchophylline and epicatechin. As these reduce inflammation in the body, they help to reduce pain naturally, making kratom a brilliant thing for people suffering from chronic pain.

An Antioxidant

As well as being anti-inflammatory, epicatechin is also a powerful antioxidant and antiviral compound. This means that it can help protect your body from diseases, like cancer, to keep you fit and strong for years to come.

Energy Boosting

Kratom contains mitragynine, which is a mind-altering alkaloid. Don’t worry, it won’t get you high! But it can give you a pretty amazing energy boost and increase your alertness, focus, and mental function.

A lot of people enjoy taking kratom as an alternative to a morning coffee, finding that the energy boost is more intense and lasts longer. Of course, this varies from person to person, but it could be worth giving it a go!

Lifts Your Mood

Kratom acts on the opioid receptors in the brain, though it isn’t actually an opioid. One of the most well-reported advantages of kratom is this opioid-receptor function, which can lift your mood and increase feelings of wellbeing.

In fact, studies have reported that kratom can have a positive effect on overall mental health, helping to relieve symptoms of depression and improve wellbeing.

Helps With Weight Loss

Okay, so you don’t need to be thin to be healthy. But if you’re struggling with a weight problem, such as an overactive thyroid or obesity, kratom might help. In particular, the green vein strain of kratom.

This strain is full of alkaloids that can promote weight loss, speed up your metabolism, and reduce your appetite. But, be careful with using anything for weight loss and only ever do so under a doctors supervision. Learn more about kratom for weight loss to see if it’s the right option for you.

Downfalls of Kratom

The benefits of kratom make it sound like a must for anyone who enjoys keeping healthy habits, but it’s not all positive. There are definitely downsides to kratom that you should know about before trying it.

For example, energy-boosting strains, like white vein kratom, can increase your alertness, but also your anxiety. If you’re a naturally anxious person, this could make your worries worse.

It’s also not recommended to take kratom during pregnancy, and some women even find it causes sickness when they’re pregnant. If you’re looking to stay healthy while growing a little baby, look to vitamins and supplements instead.

Other side-effects of kratom include:

  • Potential to be addictive
  • Dulling sensations
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Problems sleeping

Should Kratom Be a Part of Healthy Living?

You definitely don’t have to take kratom to be healthy, though some people have found it to be super beneficial. But, because there haven’t been too many studies into it, always proceed with caution. If you are going to use kratom, make sure you choose a trusted vendor and start with a small dose.

What Next?

Now you know a bit more about kratom, you can see how it fits into your healthy living plan! If you’re someone who suffers from chronic pain or depression, kratom can be particularly beneficial. It’s worth trying to see what it does for you!

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