Heels and bags to carry – What are the different ways of matching?

When it comes to matching your heels (such as strappy heels or women’s heels) and handbags, there are several schools of thought. You may have heard that matching your accessories is an outmoded trend, but the reality is that a well-matched shoe and bag pair is a timeless outfit that exudes sophistication. However, it is critical to follow the principles when matching your appearance to ensure that all of the pieces complement each other.

But then, there’s a question that needs to be answered and maybe it does arise in everyone’s mind and the question is do heels and handbags have to match?
Well, it all depends on your preference and what your preferred fashion style is. For some, it is necessary and they want their heels and bags to be matching, while some just want dark colors that don’t necessarily match but look good.

A little history-

Just like everything, there’s history to this fashion style as well.

Women didn’t care about accessories during the start of the 1950s, believe it or not. By the 1950s, the postwar demand for accessories had subsided. As a result, the sale of bags and other accessories has progressively decreased.

In order to break the sales of handbags and other accessories, the advertisers came up with the idea of setting up a new fashion trend. Mix-and-match clothes are a popular fashion trend.

Women wearing similar clothing quickly took over fashion publications, newspapers, and television commercials.

Not long after, this trend caught on, and ladies all across the United States and Europe began to match their clothes. This includes purchasing matching luggage and shoes.

To prevent the desire for matching handbags and shoes from dwindling, department shops began to provide pump shoes and other kinds of shoes alongside the purses. Typically, on the bottom floor. Making certain that women noticed matching purses and shoes from the time they walked in.

And for many years, shoes and handbags remained on the bottom floor of many department shops.

Until 2013, to be exact; when the global economy rebounded from one of the worst economic crises in modern history and department shops realised customers have different expectations nowadays.

How to make your Heels and HandBags Match-

Here are some tips that you can use to make sure woman heels and bags match (if that is your preference and fashion style)-

1. Primary Colors and Patterns-

When matching your accessories to your shoes, using the same colors might work. For example, if you’re wearing grey heels, match them with a grey purse. You may use this to patterns as well, but try to match the base colors or most dominant pigment.

2. Matching the Simple with Overdone-

A standout item may help to tie an ensemble together. With a statement purse, satchel bags or beautiful shoes, you may draw the focus and center of your outfit. The challenge is to make sure they don’t clash – too many declarations may make an ensemble look cluttered and disorganized. If you’ve chosen an overdone purse, match it with modest shoes, and vice versa.

3. Picking one Pallette-

You may ensure that your shoes and purse complement each other by adhering to the same color palette for your whole ensemble. Different tones of the same color work well – especially if your shoes and accessories are lighter in color and contrast with the rest of your outfit.

4. Not Forgetting the Occasion-

Certain shoes and accessories, like clothes, may seem strange if worn at the wrong event – even if they match perfectly. You wouldn’t show up for a date wearing your gym gear, so neither should your sports bag.

Follow these dos and don’ts to ensure that your shoes and luggage help you steal the show. More great fashion ideas and guidance may be found in the blog’s style guides.

5. Do not Mix and Match Seasons-

While you may live in a region where the seasons seem to blend together, it doesn’t imply your shoes and purses can. Never wear cold boots with a summer purse.

Wearing strappy sandals with a hefty winter bag looks equally odd.


Everyone has a different taste in everything, especially in Fashion.
There are things or accessories that some adore while others loathe. Some want to dress in a particular way, the others want to dress their own way.
The same is the case with matching your heels with your handbags.
Although this fashion trend is seeing a rise, it still hasn’t gotten the fame that It should have. It is, however, predicted that this fashion sense will rise and will prevail. Guess, time will tell.
So, we put out some of the tips that you can use for your benefit if you decide to go for this fashion trend.

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