Here Are 5 Mom Bloggers New Moms Should Check Out

Are you a new mom looking to read your way through motherhood? These blogs will inspire, delight, comfort, and inform you on all things motherhood. They cover topics ranging from thinking about having a child to actually navigating life with your kids.

Keep reading to find the mom blog that is perfect for you!


Motherly, created by a journalist and an entrepreneur, was designed to take new moms through the rollercoaster called ‘motherhood’. This blog gives inspiration and information, and showcases tips and tricks from experts to make motherhood a little bit easier for new mothers.

Comprised of mostly women, this team is dedicated to providing you with the best content for moms everywhere!

Baby Boy Bakery

Baby Boy Bakery was started by Jacqui Saldaña, a new mother who wanted a space to call her own and share the joys of parenthood. However, after three and a half years, her first child passed away. Even though this loss was crushing, Jacqui kept writing and sharing her recipes with her parent community.

She doesn’t only share her recipes, but also her experience with the loss of a child and her journey through parenthood with her second child. Check her out!

Free Range Kids

Lenore Skenazy, formerly dubbed as ‘American’s Worst Mom’, uses her platform to share her experience with her ‘free range’ kids. Of course she shares safety tips as well (don’t want any kids getting lost or in trouble), but she believes that not being a helicopter parent and letting your kids have more freedom will actually be beneficial for them.

Her blog eventually grew into a non-profit and she teamed up with research psychologist Dr. Peter Gray and New York University professor Jonathan Haidt to promote the idea that giving your kids a little more freedom won’t be the worst thing you’ve ever done.

Redefining Mom

Redefining Mom started as a blog about bad maternity leave policies in the US, but then grew into a blog designed to empower women and redefine what it means to be a mom. She seeks to relieve moms of the guilt they sometime feel when they make the choice to go back to work instead of choosing to be a stay-at-home mom.

Her ultimate goal is to help mothers thrive with parenting and business!

Lucie’s List

Lucie’s List is a survival guide for new parents. After getting pregnant with her first child Lucie, Meg (founder), experienced a lot of ups and downs. She struggled through postpartum pain, having kidney stones, buying unnecessary strollers, sleep training her child and the failure to latch her baby.

She created this blog to share all that she knows about being a parent in order to help new mothers.

Final Thoughts

Having a child is hard enough, especially when you don’t have all the information you need. These 5 mom blogs listed above will give you all the help you need to navigate this tumultuous and rewarding time of your life. Enjoy and congrats!

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