Here’s How to Clean Your Humidifier the Right Way

Many people rely on their humidifiers to keep the air indoors circulating with moisture. There are a lot of benefits from using a humidifier, but when you change the water you may notice some gunk in the humidifier’s tank. This gunk is actually pink mold in your humidifier. If you own a humidifier, you will likely see this substance at some point.

Actually, pink mold is pretty much unavoidable for humidifier owners. This is why it’s very important to get in the habit of regularly cleaning your humidifier. If the pink mold doesn’t get cleaned up, it will likely stick to the spout where the humidifier releases the water vapor into the air.

Since this is a problem you probably won’t want to encounter, we’re going to go over how to clean your humidifier the right way.

What Causes Pink Mold Build-Up?

Mold comes in various different colors, not just the black and green mold that’s most commonly found. Pink mold is a type of mold that will grow in an area that is dark and damp, which is why humidifier tanks are a prime location for this substance to form. The sight of pink mold isn’t something to be alarmed about because it’s common in every humidifier.

Pink mold isn’t dangerous unless a person is exposed to it for a long period of time. Since a humidifier is used to hold water, there will always be the risk of pink mold forming. Pink mold could start forming as early as 24 hours of usage. While this substance is unavoidable, a regular cleaning routine will make sure it doesn’t become a problem.

How To Clean A Humidifier Without Pink Mold

  1. Make sure your humidifier is unplugged. Remove the water basin and empty any remaining water.
  2. Clean out the inside of the basin using a clean sponge or rag and a mild soap.
  3. Make sure the basin is thoroughly dry before putting it back in.
  4. Thoroughly inspect the vapor spout of the humidifier to make sure there isn’t any mold build-up in there.
  5. If there is pink mold on the vapor spout, use a mild cleaner and paper towel to clean it.

How To Clean A Humidifier With Pink Mold

Before attempting to clean your humidifier, it’s important that you read over the instruction manual. If your instructions allow you to use a cleaning agent on your humidifier, you may use these instructions to thoroughly clean it.

  1. Start by unplugging the humidifier and removing the water basin. Empty out any leftover water.
  2. Fill the basin with either hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar as a cleaner. Depending on the severity of the mold situation, you may use a chemical agent if your humidifier manufacturer allows it.
  3. Let the cleaner of choice sit in the basin for approximately half an hour. During this time, the cleaner will be able to break down the pink mold substance making it easier to remove.
  4. Empty the basin and rinse it out thoroughly with warm water.
  5. Make sure you dry the basin well so there is no leftover moisture.
  6. Use a solution of either vinegar or hydrogen peroxide with warm water to clean out the basin and the vapor spout. Use a toothbrush to scrape off any residue.

Final Thoughts

While pink mold isn’t a cause of concern, the build-up can cause a mess. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of cleaning the humidifier at least once a week so mold doesn’t become a problem.

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