Here’s How to Pick the Best Sunglasses for Winter Season

Winter is one of the best times to explore new apparel and accessory trends. At the time of a closet overhaul, recurrent festivities and holidays, people get to relax and reinvent themselves in the smallest ways possible. As the market quickly becomes saturated with fall and winter trends from home and beyond, one can find themselves the best way to join into those spaces by investing in small statement pieces in jewellery, eyewear or apparel. All these things can uplift one’s appearance in the most subtle yet impactful way possible.

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Sunglasses are eye care essentials that stay fashionable and functional throughout the year, and one can make the best of these pieces by finding a pair that stays in vogue all through the seasons. UV radiation can harm your eyes even on dull and gloomy winter days.

Let us look at some of the best options in sunglasses for winters:

  1. The Black Wayfarers

The easiest way to elevate your winter looks is to pair them with wayfarers that are versatile enough to go with all colour palettes. Paired best with casual and semi-casual wear, wayfarers are great for all-around UV protection from the sun, even during the winter months. Available in an abundant range of colours and brands, wayfarers have become a year-round eyewear staple for a lot of people. These angular frames are best paired with round and oval faces.

  1. The Wraparound

An ingenious combination of all-around protection and eclectic style, wraparounds are the best sunglasses to complement your winter looks as they have quickly made their return to runways and 2000s inspired fashion trends today. Providing 100% protection from the UV rays even in the winter, wraparounds are effective in their pursuit to give you comfort and style all at once. These sunglasses are flattering on most face shapes and can be paired with athleisure, sport-wear and casual wear alike.

  1. The Gold Aviators

The iconic bridged lenses that have not left the stands since the 1930s are often dubbed collector’s items because of their notoriously famous design. Popularised by Bausch and Lomb and reinvented as Ray-Ban, these sunglasses are flattering on every face shape, making them a dependable accessory to spruce up your winter looks. These add a vintage touch to your preppy looks and can be won round year because of their large lenses and lightweight frame design. Gold aviators are a must-have in the winter, as they can add a sparkle to top off your appearance even on gloomy days.

  1. The Brown Bug-Eyes

Bug-eye sunglasses for women are a style that returns every few years and sweeps through the world of fashion and apparel because of their unique and universally flattering design. It can be intimidating to invest in bug-eye sunglasses with the fear of overpowering the face, but with new designs adapted for every face shape, they are quickly becoming an eyewear collection staple for women across the world. A nod to the 80s, its large lenses are great for comfort and UV protection in winter and give you a chic and cosy look to your appearance.

  1. The Clubmasters

Preppy and chic culture gave rise to the clubmaster sunglasses, as these were introduced for sunglasses only in recent years. A must for those to prefer lightweight and half-rimmed glasses for themselves, the clubmasters are an incredibly fashionable and approachable pair of glasses for those looking to experiment with their eyewear this winter. These angular lenses are best suited for rounder face shapes, add a sharp and dignified finish to your outfit and make you look like your most confident self.

The fall and winter season is a time to reinvest and experiment, and sunglasses are a great place to start. Therefore, invest in a pair that helps you make a statement in the most effortless way possible. Having curated global and home-grown brands, reputed retailers like Titan Eyeplus can help you find the best pair of sunglasses best suited to express yourself this winter!

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