​​Here’s Why Table Fan Price Is Not The Most Important Buying Criterion

If you were to select between an average table fan that’s available at a cheap price and a high-quality table fan that offers value for money – which one would you choose? The reason we ask you this is because there are many who buy a table fan based on its price. What they don’t realize is that instead of focusing on a table fan’s price, one should focus on factors that impact the performance of the table fan. So, in this post, we tell you what are those important factors that you must keep in mind when looking for a table fan. Let’s delve deeper

Factors that are more important than a table fan’s price.

1.    Air Delivery

One of the primary reasons people buy a table fan is because it gives a cool breeze of air and personalized cooling. But not all table fans offer the same level of cooling. That’s because the cooling depends on the air delivery of a table fan and the same differs from one fan to another. So you must check the air delivery of a fan before you buy one. The air delivery of a table fan is measured in CMM or Cubic Meters per Minute and should be around 75-100 CMM.

2.    Ease of Portability

Another benefit of buying a table fan is that it can be easily moved from one place to another. The lighter the fan, the more portable it is. Therefore, look for a fan that is light in weight so that you easily carry it from one room to another. But make sure that the fan comes with a heavy base so that it doesn’t wobble when you place it on any surface. If you want to buy a lightweight table fan with a base that offers good stability then check out the Mojo Plus by Luminous India.

3.    Power Consumption

Considering the rising energy prices, it is important to ensure that the devices we buy do not consume a lot of energy. Table fans are energy-efficient devices and they consume far less energy than other fan types. But we recommend that you check and compare table fans of different brands before you make a final buying decision. And if you were to ask us for a recommendation then we would suggest you check out Luminous India table fans that consume minimal power (in the range of 55W – 130W).

4.    Oscillation Feature

Oscillation is a unique feature limited to portable fans.  The oscillation feature of a table fan allows it to uniformly distribute the air in a given area. Most table fans come with an oscillation range of 180 degrees. So let’s say if you want to boost your AC’s cooling, all you need to do is place your table fan next to the air conditioner and switch on the oscillation mode. And if you want the table fan to provide personalized cooling you can simply switch off its oscillation mode.

5.    Material

Table fans are made of different materials ranging from plastic to stainless steel to aluminum. Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and so you should choose a table fan that suits your requirement the best. If you are looking for a good quality table fan then you can consider buying the Buddy table fan from Luminous India. It is made of high-grade engineering plastic and has aerodynamically designed blades that help ensure smooth airflow and a long-range throw.

Word of Advice

We do understand that when it comes to buying any product, it’s advisable to define a budget. But do not get confused between setting a budget and buying an inexpensive table fan available on the market. Once you have set a realistic budget, look for a table fan that offers the best value for money. And if you want to go for a good quality table fan at a reasonable price then check out the table fans from Luminous India, one of India’s most reputable home electricals brands.

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