History of Lehenga Choli & its Types Wore in Every Indian Festival

The Lehenga is worn throughout the globe and in India. Lehenga is a long, loose-fitting wear that leaves the midriff exposed. It is often worn during festivals, ceremonial occasions and other special events such as marriage. Lehenga-choli is usually embroidered, printed, or embellished. It is worn with a fitted blouse called ‘choli. The lehenga-choli can be paired with a dupatta that covers the head and mid-riff depending on the occasion. Now let us look at some of the backgrounds and making of this popular wear.


It is believed that Lehenga choli was popularized as a dress among women in North India during the 10th Century. With the arrival of the Mughals in India, the Lehenga was made with fine craftsmanship. After the introduction of Mughals in India, the original Lehenga was made mainly from cotton. Later, royal fabrics were used, and embroideries were added.

The Making

The delicate stitching of a dupatta set of lehenga choli takes around twenty days, depending on the fabric and embellishments. Due to the intricate details involved in hand-stitched and hand-woven Lehengas, it takes longer. Many communities that are solely engaged in designing lehengas will have specific tasks assigned to them. So, from this, you can make out how tough it is to

Now there are various platforms from where you can buy Lehenga, either online or offline, but the best way is to buy Heavy Lehenga Online because of the following reasons.

  • The Lehenga that you choose is yours, and there are many options available online.
  • You can browse through the latest trendy designs online from the comfort of your home.
  • The aspect of the prize that is different between buying online and in stores is also important. While you may not get huge discounts or offers in stores, online purchases offer many discounts and deals.
  • You can find many Wedding Lehenga cholis for bridal and party wear online. These will fit your budget and will meet all your expectations about the perfect Lehenga.
  • Online shopping is more efficient than offline buying. This is because you can save time and commute costs.
  • You can select the colour and design you want for any lehenga. This option will not be offered in shops.

Also, in the market, there are many different styles available that we are going to discuss below:

  • The Sharara-It has bottom wear that fits the knees and then flows down as a skirt. This Kurta is worn with a Kurta and paired with a Dupatta. This style is trendy at weddings.
  • The Ghagra- Ghagra is another Lehenga Choli form. Ghagra is a more elaborate form of Lehenga Choli. It has fewer creases, while the Lehenga fits closer to the body.
  • Lacha- The blouse is long and reaches the knees. However, the skirt is the same as Lehenga Choli.

Final Words

Wearing this traditional costume is the most remarkable trend that we have nowadays. Conventional lehenga choli is worn out during wedding parties, festivals such as Navratri, Eid, Dussehra. In wedding day seasons, the traditional outfit has its importance. In today’s world, Lehenga Choli’s tailoring and embroidery have been modernized. Today, the Lehenga Cholis is made using innovations and techniques that have a minimalistic aesthetic but still retain a touch of cultural tradition that reflects our Indian culture.

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