Home Security: 3 Smart Devices for Your Home

In order to provide home security, there are various options one can opt for. Alarm systems provided by security companies, motion detectors, video intercoms, surveillance cameras – surely you’re aware of all those. However, there is also another alternative to these devices and systems: Smart Home devices.

What people don’t have much knowledge about is how Smart Home devices can really help with home security. They are usually associated with automating our homes with things like voice control, remote access through mobile devices so that your task is made easier. While all that is true, and great of course, smart home security is a good and reasonably priced alternative to providing home security.

Here are 3 top picks of affordable and brilliant devices that can serve the purpose of providing safety to our homes.

1. Video Doorbell

You may think that there probably is no point in buying a pricey little Smart Video Doorbell, but let us make you think otherwise. Think of it as an investment – a Smart Video Doorbell is much more like an upgraded and a better version of a standard video intercom.

Smart Video Doorbells connect to the home Wi-Fi network, and instead of having a device mounted in your home that allows you to see and speak to your visitors at the gate, you could do the same straight from your mobile phone.

Smart devices usually have their own mobile applications via which they are set up and controlled easily. With Smart Doorbells it is the same, the designated mobile application allows you to answer the door from wherever you are – the store, the mall, at work, or even if you’re lying in bed.

Other features that make these amazing little devices ideal for securing your home include real-time alerts that are sent to your mobile devices, whether or not a person has rung the bell – and that is because of motion sensor technology. Speak to whoever is at the door with the help of the mobile app and get a wide-angle, head-to-toe view of the video feed while you’re at it.



Certain Smart Video Doorbell devices also feature facial recognition, like the Google Nest Hello. It retails for $229, and for a price point like this, it comes packed with brilliant features and more if you subscribe to its Nest Aware subscription.

2. Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are great for securing your homes. Keyless entry and tamperproof devices that make it convenient for you to access your door by yourself or anyone you know while you’re away. And it’s all done with the help of our smartphones!

Much like all Smart Home devices, Smart Door Locks include their own mobile app and with the devices themselves connecting to the home Wi-Fi network, it is quite easy to control your smart lock. Whether you’re home or out, or in another city altogether, control your smart lock from wherever you are. Lock your door, get alerts whenever the door has been opened, and unlock from your device to let a friend in so they can water your plants.

Some of these smart door locks use location tracking to check whether you’re home, and if you’re away it keeps the door locked. It can even automatically lock behind you as soon as the door closes.

3. Smart Camera

Surveillance cameras have been great over the past few years but smart cameras are the new surveillance systems.

Sporting two-way audio and a video feed in crystal clear, HD quality; smart cameras are the ideal security devices to watch over your homes indoors and outdoors. Smart cameras are generally smaller in size, especially indoor ones where certain models resemble external webcams that we used to plug into our laptops and PCs back in the day. Their sleek and compact designs allow for them to be placed literally anywhere, including a discreet corner, but with a Wi-Fi signal reach.

Smart Cameras connect to the Wi-Fi network, and the set-up, functionality, and access of the devices are controlled via their mobile apps. Get alerts in real-time whenever your camera detects motion while you’re away, and watch the day’s pre-recorded video feed on its cloud storage. These devices also sport night-vision and with some, unlock facial recognition with a further subscription to their respective services.

The Endnote

The above-mentioned Smart Home devices may seem like ordinary ones that automate, as well as add that modern touch to your homes, but they are ideal when it comes to home security. Allowing remote access to your home from anywhere and anytime; you can quite literally control and watch over your home and family whether you’re home or away. And the additional features of each respective device make them even better suited to your home security needs.

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