Honor Watch ES Review

I just recently started becoming enthusiastic about smartwatches, but Honor left a very great feeling on me with all the Honor Watch GS Pro, that delivers a whole lot of fitness and health features together with stellar battery lifetime. The Honor Watch ES can be not the same type of monster, however, also it’s so targeted toward people with not as much the adventuresome spirit, and people that are only starting to enter to fitnesscenter. It’s really a much less expensive smartwatch, and so it cuts on lots of the capabilities the GS Pro needed. Nonetheless, it’s intended for an alternative viewer, plus it’s really a much less expensive solution to have started with health and exercising tracking. This smartwatch comes in our top list of best smartwatches under 5000.

Honor will not offer a bunch of information concerning the technical necessities of this Honor Watch ES. Neither the chip set, storage, or even RAM are cited from the item page, although I inquired about RAM, ” I had been told that advice was not offered. That is fine, however, because this is actually not intended to become a smartphone onto your own wrist. It’s really a just fitness-oriented gadget.

Design and Display

It includes a vertical display, and which makes it be considered a little less conspicuous once I move my wrist, that will be fine. It’s definitely a subdued design compared to the GS Pro, plus it’s easier to fit in to a regular life style compared to this. If you have a budget then you can also go through the best smartwatches under 10000.

It’s also quite light, weighing only 2-1 g, therefore it actually does not feel as though it’s getting into the way. Nevertheless, the strap onto your Honor Watch GS Pro felt fantastic, with a remarkably soft touch rubberized and also lets of pins which helped it seem less constricted. This strap isn’t awful, however it cann’t feel quite as fine.

The plan is quite straightforward and there’s not any slew happening the surface this watch. At the ideal side of this casing, there exists one button, which functions as your home button. Additionally there is what appears like a mic hole, even though you can not simply take calls with this specific watch, since there isn’t any speaker at all. This can look like a considerable feature to decrease I think, as shooting calls out of my own opinion is among those features I have to use quite frequently. You’ll still have that the watch buzz whenever you receive calls, even though, and you’re able to reject them out of the opinion, simply not respond them.

Obviously, front is where you are going to come across the perpendicular 1.65-inch display, also it’s not bad in any way. It’s perhaps not the very pixel-dense display out there, however it looks nice, even though lots of these UI elements are often familiar from across chains just like the GS Pro, it’s all accommodated pretty much with this perpendicular form element. Including my favorite opinion face, called Clear, that displays a great deal of different advice simultaneously.

For individuals thinking about that type of item, there’s an always on display , also empowering it gets one of the regular warning – it could disable the raise-to-wake gesture and it surely will decrease battery life by 50 percent. I really don’t care about that particular feature, however for the ones who do, it’s here, plus it features watch faces with color, that will be fine. It is regrettable that the raise-to-wake gesture needs to be disabled, even though.

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Software & Battery Life

Obviously, this usually means that you never obtain a great deal of this”smarts” from different programs, notably Wear OS, and it is a significant disadvantage for me personally. You can not put in any apps or any such thing , also this version does not consist of local music storage, even despite needing 4GB of memory card. It might control music from the own phone, though, and that’s all that I desire.

You’re able to get alarms, and also you are able to opt to alarms for individual apps utilizing the Huawei Health program in your own mobile phone. I am not fond of how it works, however, since you simply get to find alarms, you can not socialize with them at all. As I said previously, in addition, you acquire a buzz for calls and also you’ll be able to deny, however, maybe not just take the telephone from the opinion.

Additionally there is an SpO2 monitor to verify your blood flow, also Honor additionally simplifies female bicycle tracking, but since you can probably imagine, I did not have to check that.

As it’s such a very simple os, LiteOS does provide superb battery life as I said in my overview of this Honor Watch GS Professional. The Honor Watch ES is a lot thinner and smaller, or so the battery maxes out in only 10 days based to Honor. Within my own experience, it’s lasted me around five days until I want to charge it , and I feel that is still remarkable. I have said before that I am nice with charging smartwatches daily, therefore whatever which goes outside that’s wonderful.


It’s a reasonable smartwatch which provides you all of the qualities you will need to have started with fitness, for example guided workouts and this is a excellent feature for those who like me that aren’t utilized to exercising. I’d have any gripes with how that they work, however they don’t really make it a lousy experience, plus it’s still a excellent way to get started in case you’ve got the motivation to continue going.

The plan of this watch additionally makes it very suitable for everyone to wear, simply due to just how small it really is. It’s created for the”modern” life style, and that I presume it does this well. It is possible to wear this into any office or any place you go, plus it wont stand out. Plus, a number of those exercises that are guided make it straightforward to find some good exercise throughout your afternoon which means that you may remain active.

Personally, I am a larger fan of smartwatches with an increase of smarts, such as people who run Wear OS (and yesI understand I am likely the exclusion here), however because of its target audience, the Honor Watch ES is good. Plus, it gives battery lifetime that is leagues better than many Wear OS smartwatches.

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