Hourglass Figure And Hourglass Syndrome: Know the difference

Though most of us have a fair idea about the hourglass body type, but do we confuse it with the hourglass syndrome? Be it the fashion industry or the beauty standards, the hourglass body type has been trending for the better part of the centuries. The drive to get an hourglass figure is imbibed substantially in certain women. Consequently, they tend to go to any length to achieve it, even if it compromises their health and naturally-gifted bodies. And just like every hyper-popular trend, this one too has some adverse effects – hourglass syndrome being one of them.

Let’s get a bit into details and see how the evergoing hourglass craze affects the mental and physical aspects and how women thrive to mold into the said beauty standard.

Hourglass Figure: The Alleged Ideal Body Type

Firstly, for those who aren’t familiar with the hourglass body type, it is a curvaceous body characterized by roughly equal hip and bust proportions, with a smaller waist measurement. The internet is swamped with articles and posts about the hourglass figure and its obsession. Though the alleged ideal body type is quite rare, the hype about getting it is incredible. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the reason behind this mania is its association with health and fertility as well. Apart from the physical workouts and restricting diet, women also resort to surgical procedures to get the idealized figure.

Hourglass Syndrome: The Stomach Gripping

Do you or somebody you know have a habit of constantly gripping the stomach? If yes, you might be suffering from hourglass syndrome. To put it in simple words, it is a disorder in which people habitually suck in their abdomen. Many tend to do it due to social anxiety, constant wish for a flat abdomen, or defensive patterns. Another reason can be a coping mechanism for weak muscle growth during childhood, which can persist later in life too. Whatever may be the reason, it can result in lower back pain, neck pain, and acid reflux. Though it is not a permanent disorder, you can cope with specific exercises and also resort to physiotherapy if the problem persists.

You Might Be Doing It Unknowingly

We have been constantly shown and reminded of how a specific body proportion and the voluptuous curves are the only things that define the ‘perfect.’ But undoubtedly, that’s far from the gospel truth. And while we have been making persistent efforts for the same, we are not at fault. After all, the idea of this conventional body type has been deeply ingrained in our minds. While most of our efforts for it are the conscious ones, we might be unconsciously sucking in our bellies, making way for hourglass syndrome. As mentioned before, the syndrome has a solution to it, and you simply need to refresh your muscles or alter the course if need be.


What’s the fun in attaining your ideal body shape at the expense of overburdening your body? And we understand how infuriated one gets when it comes to dealing with societal toxicity regarding body types. However, there is a slow but significant drift in dealing with the body images and preferred body shapes. But we still need to tip the scale in the opposite direction and embrace body positivity. After all, it’s all about the way we treat our bodies. Further, in contrast to what they do presently, the fashion and the beauty industry should embolden our confidence. So, cut yourself some slack and smash the toxic body standards!

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