How can you save on utility bills in Edmonton?

Did you know that choosing the right roof could help you lower your utility bills? Well, here are some of the best ways to save on utility bills in Edmonton:

Reflecting the light of the sun with cool roofs

A cool is a term used for rooftops which are crafted to reflect sunlight as much as possible. Sunlight is a form of heat and when a roof reflects some of the heat, then less of it will enter your home and you will need to spend less on utility bills.

The simplest way to make a cool roof is to use white metal pieces. Sometimes coatings are applied on your roofs to make them reflective or white but this may not be very effective. Hence it is suggested to use white colored shingles which are designed specifically to save energy. 

Roof insulation and spacing

Efficient roof insulation will prevent heat from entering inside the house. While cool rooftops may save bills during summers, good roof insulation can help you save money during winters. Usually, there is a layer of insulation amongst the various layers of a roof and another one in between the rafters, in the attic area. It doesn’t work as a perfect seal for cracks and protects energy but also keeps the pest out. You can also use foam insulation techniques to enhance old insulation without going for a full, costly replacement. 

Leaving spaces in your roof can allow the flow of cool air and offer you with higher storage options. If you are going for a big remodeling project, then find out how roof spacing will prove to be advantageous for your new design.

Using different roofing material

If you are really keen on saving energy and also want to replace your roof, then think of changing your roof material and opt for a greener methodology. For instance, switching to metal roofing Edmonton with higher reflective properties will help in saving on bills and give a new and appealing look to your house. You can choose from the different options and colors available AMT Roofing offers you a wide range of reflective metal roofs to save on your utility bills.

A roof garden

A roof garden is built with plants which grow in a special roof area. They are common in urban places but they can work well on any flat rooftop. Green roof offers a plethora of benefits such as absorbing rain water, keeping the roof cool and offering additional insulation in the winter time. However, it can be time-taking to install them.

Maintenance of your roof

Irrespective of the roof material and insulation you choose, if your roof is in disrepair, it may lose energy and increase your utility bills. Hence, periodic inspection is important. It will help you detect the possible problems and prevent bigger problems from occurring. With the right material, proper installation, effective insulation and efficient maintenance, your roof proves to be a major source to save on home utility bills. So, invest wisely in your roof and reap the benefits.

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