How Do Optional Extras Save You More Money for a Covered Event?

Whether you own a top-end luxury car or a small family wagon, our concern is – have you insured your vehicle so far? Unfortunately, we know the CTP insurance doesn’t cover your vehicle’s damages or the damage your car does to others’ cars and property. So, we ask you this question today to help you realise the importance of having comprehensive car insurance as a backup.

Having a car insurance quote  is essential to stay protected for events that include road accidents, fire, theft, or harsh weather. Along with this cover, you may explore some optional extras to give your vehicle added protection.

We will throw light on the available choices, but ultimately we leave the decision to you. As every car owner’s driving lifestyle is unique, it would be best to customise the plan according to your needs. You can do it in one of two ways – amplified protection or reduced premiums.

Naturally, additional protection comes at an added price tag. For every bit of extra cover you have opted for, you need to pay a different amount on the premium. Please analyse your wants and needs carefully before choosing an extra. Learn the art of balancing your premium. Then, contact the insurer to clarify your doubts.

We discuss here some of the most common optional extras.

1. Personal Effects

Any loss or damage to the belongings left behind in your vehicle can be covered up to a specified limit. When we say personal effects, an insurer may include only the things meant to be carried or worn, or they may have another definition. It varies between insurance providers.

Most insurers only include compensation for a loss of personal things if your vehicle is subject to an act of theft. Plus, many insurers don’t help you with the stolen standard/after-market accessories, modifications, cash, or electronic devices under this extra. You also need to ask your insurer if they help you recover losses to your business-related items or not.

2. Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle has been a party to a road accident and has suffered damage, then your insurance may already cover getting your car towed to a safe place or the nearest car servicer. Or your insurance provider may not provide this within its cover. Roadside assistance as an optional extra does include this service and a host of others, like charging and replacing flat batteries, making small emergency fixes so you can drive to a mechanic, unlocking your car if you’ve locked the keys in, and more.

3. Windscreen/Window-Glass

Through this optional extra you can get your vehicle windscreen or window glass replaced if it is accidentally damaged. To know the amount of coverage, contact the insurer. While it doesn’t cost much to get a cracked or chipped glass fixed, replacement requires a considerable chunk of money. We also suggest that you inquire if a windscreen claim affects the no claim discount.

4. Hire Car Services

Getting this extra cover proves worthy if your vehicle has been stolen and you don’t have a means of transport to get to work or complete chores (and your standard insurance policy doesn’t already cover car hire). The insurer pays for your daily rides up to a predetermined limit. Talk to the insurer to know about how many days, and at how many dollars a day, you will be provided with this service.

5. Excess Buster

If you opt for this extra, the insurer will pay the basic excess for a covered event once a year for you. It is one of the popular extras that you can explore. Check with the insurer to know more.

As a car owner, if you have comprehensive car insurance, we advise you to pick the extras you find most applicable to your needs and driving habits, to make the most of the benefits. For example, car insurance nsw supported by optional extras allows vehicle owners to elevate their car protection significantly.

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