How do receive mail-order magic mushrooms? 

To purchase mail-order magic shrooms from magic mushrooms Canada. One should have age more than 19 Buy premium quality from magic mushrooms Canada

Looking to buy shrooms online? If yes, then you should once visit magic mushrooms Canada’s online dispensary. It is the most reliable online dispensary in Canada that offers different mushrooms products. Such as shroom candies, shroom edibles, shroom gummies, capsules, microdoseshrooms, dried shrooms, and many more. This place is considered the best online shop to get high-quality, premium mushroom products.

This is the most reliable online dispensary in Canada that offers magic mushroom items at affordable buying prices. This shop offers different varieties of magic mushrooms to purchase. Buyer must have age more than 18 years to get shrooms products over the website. Magic mushrooms Canada offers legal shroom products to their customers. Also, they supply popular series of magic shrooms such as penis envy and golden teacher.

How to get quality magic mushrooms with magic mushrooms Canada?

Different shrooms products customers can order from magic mushrooms Canada.

1. Shroom Teas-

The shroom tea is available in tasty flavors. Including lemon ginger, coconut, pineapple, licorice leaf, and others. it is available in Sachet forms that contain 1.2 grams of flavored psilocybin. Users can consume shroom tea in drinking hot tea. This shroom tea has longer effects and has many health benefits.

2. Transkei Cubensis-

The Transkei psilocybin cubensis is one of the most used species of magic mushrooms. This mushroom matures in the region of the wild coast of South Africa under the shelter of trees. This cubensisshroom has a hallucinogenic effect and its effects last long for 20 minutes. This psilocybin mushroom has the power to alter the state of mind instantly. It will be disconnected from the real world and make the conscious mind feel relax and happy. Moreover, it will help to relax the muscles and joint pain.

3. Big MexShrooms-

It is a kind of Mexican magic and psilocybe mushroom species. This species of magic shroom is common and people who used it get hallucinogenic effects. The customer will joy, euphoria when they consume Mexican mushrooms the first time. This will start works in a body within 5 minutes after consumption. Although, this variety of magic shrooms is most popular in the UK.

4. Golden emperor lemon tek gummies-

This variety of magic shrooms is a most favorite choice of users. However, it is available in edible forms. The main ingredient of lemon tek gummies includes sugar, lemon juice, gelatine, and 0.5 gm. of secret ingredient of golden emperor magic mushroom. This shroom is tasteless and offers relief from severe stomach and muscle pain. It is good for patients who have bad digestion problems. This gummy candy contains has an effect last for 20 to 30 minutes. It is good to buy shrooms species that are available to buy on magic mushrooms Canada.

How long do shrooms affect the user’s body?

The effects magic shroom will last long in the body for around 24 hours. Also, it may vary from person to person’s body. Moreover, it will depend upon body weight, dose, height, and the psychoactive chemical that is present in magic mushrooms. Many users will feel lessor effects, as well as some others, feel heavy effects of magic shrooms.

Why do people consume magic mushrooms?

The magic mushroom acts as a medicinal drug. The magic shroom available in wide arities of spices that is goodfor health.  It has many health and recreational benefits. It is an amazing drug that helps users to feel open to new experiences, ideas and connect easily to the conscious mind. The magic shroom is also used to treat various mental disorders and other severe health issues. When you eat properly, it will have many therapeutic benefits. Always consume shrooms in a measured amount, do not intake large quantities to see the positive results in the body.

In addition, micro-dosing magic shrooms gain popularity nowadays. It has many positive effects on the consumer’s body.

Here are the lists of benefits that users will get while intake magic mushrooms products.

  • Magic mushrooms help to fight severe depression symptoms and create opens of brain nerves to new ideas and sensations.
  • Make sure before consuming magic shrooms. Always consult your doctor first, they will consult the appropriate doses of shroom products.
  • It will suddenly change the mood behavior and helps to overcome sadness and anxiety.
  • The person will feel fantastic, magic shrooms help to maintain good focus and enhance concentration.

Why should order shrooms from magic mushrooms Canada?

1. Users will get customer support assistance daily from knowledgeable team experts.

2. The magic shroom will pack in air-sealed box packages so that it will remain fresh and undamaged.

3. Got deliver your shroom products within 2-3 business days, offer express shipping right to the customer’s doorstep.

4. Packages are delivered with extra care in a stealth way. All shrooms packages are delivered unmarked and magic mushrooms Canada offers a discrete shipping facility.

5. Users will get a wide variety of magic mushrooms online. Including edibles, gummies, and chocolates, capsules, candies, and mushrooms tea.

Therefore, magic mushrooms Canada is the best place to purchase shrooms products online at affordable rates.

+. Users have to create an account with the official website of magic mushrooms Canada to buy shroom items. This site offers various promo codes and discounts for new and regular customers. If you are thinking of buying shrooms products online, then visits the official site now. Make sure to fill out the correct details to get the proper shipping, choose payment options wisely according to suitability.


Magic mushrooms Canada is dedicated to supplying premium quality magic shrooms to their customers. This site is committed to offering the best experience of online purchasing psychedelic mushrooms. The site has a good reputation and also you can find a good customer review. This site also provides dedicated shroom supplies all over the world.

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