How Has Technology Impacted Different Subsectors of the Entertainment Industry?

Since the birth of the internet, we have seen huge shifts in the entertainment industry and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon

Advancements in technology have improved the way members of society are able to communicate with one another and have dramatically revolutionized how people are entertained, among other things. The industry is undoubtedly one of the most important and far-reaching in the world, encompassing everything from cinema to radio, gaming, sports, theatre, and much more. Although there are dozens of different subsectors in entertainment, in this article we point out just a few with the intention of highlighting how great of a role tech innovations have played in this lucrative industry.

Accessibility of Movies/Series

Those that grew up in the 90s and early 2000s know well the Friday night routine of going to Blockbuster or a Redbox kiosk to pick up a movie to watch during the weekend. Fast forward to 2021 and the movie rental chain only has one remaining store left in the world! This is a prime example of how technology has made the entertainment industry into a digital machine. Nowadays, popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are the money makers, platforms that dish out quality content from award winning producers, directors, and actors and can be viewed comfortably from home on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. This is also beneficial for the industry as a whole, as they do not have to wait to release a production into theatres but can rather release it directly for viewers onto one of these platforms.

Quality Graphics in Games

Technology has also allowed games to come a very long way from how they looked visually in years past. Compare any type of past game, whether an online one or console title, to those of today, and it will be extremely easy to see the difference in terms of graphics and resolutions. Due to hardware advances and innovations in design, titles of today boast crisp visuals and stunning aesthetics no matter the device they are being played on.

For example, slot games within an online casino platform now depict entire storylines and intricate themes inspired by everything from music to historical periods, seasonal events, Hollywood, sports, and more. This can be seen in the slot Aztec Explorer which takes players on a journey to an ancient Aztec city that features exotic background noises and a bright green jungle design on the reels. Another instance of quality graphics in games comes from one of the best sports releases of the year-NBA 2k22. In this game, players can quite literally see the beads of sweat that fall down players faces as they are dribbling the ball down the court, creating an overall stellar presentation. Graphics are so important in gaming because they allow users to have more immersive, realistic entertainment experiences, and as technology forges on, these are only set to prosper.

The way people consume music as well as the way artists produce it has been transformed thanks to technology

Wider Selection in Music

In the same way that it is now easier than ever before to access quality movies and series with a click of a few buttons, the music industry has profited greatly from advanced technologies. Thanks to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music that make consuming hit songs and albums not only convenient, but also fun, music fans are able to enjoy all their favorite tunes anytime and anywhere. In fact, Spotify’s annual summary campaign called ‘Spotify Wrapped’ just proves how many users are actually engaged on the platform on a daily basis. Hint: with over 170 million subscribers worldwide, it’s a lot!

The movers and shakers behind the industry’s production also benefit, as their work is able to be easily uploaded and reach more audiences in a shorter span of time. Additionally, having a VPN software downloaded on your device is a great idea if you love music, as this technology allows users to unblock music that may only be available in certain regions. No matter how you choose to consume music today, there is no denying that technology has greatly simplified the process.

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