How is digital art created?

In the last year and a half digital art has become a trend. Videos, texts, digital paintings and even drawings are being sold for huge sums in online auctions. Hollywood studios and famous directors are ready to sue over them. One can go bankrupt or make a fortune on virtual items.

Digital art is built on the principle of irreplaceability. In fact, the process of selling these or those lots on the Internet auctions does not differ from auctions, there are many competitions, for example, digital art open call on DAO.

The format of the online marketplace and unlimited creative freedom are responsible for the modernity in this process. Each piece of digital art is unique and exists in a single copy, stylistically this trend follows the rebellious tradition of pop art. A generation of contemporary artists over the past 30 years has not been driven by norms and orders. For example, for many exhibition curators, contemporary video art has risen to the same level as painting. Now absolutely everything is for sale: collage, music track, video clip, 3D animation, even text, the main thing is a special digital certificate that is “attached” to this product.

Basic genres of digital art

Digital Painting

The most common genre of digital art is digital painting. With the advent of modern graphic editors, artists now have the opportunity to create works not only on paper, but also electronically. Digital painting has become a popular way of creative self-expression – many illustrators have appeared, performing both commercial and their own projects.

Illustrations are actively used in web design. Usually, pictures are drawn by illustrators to order, or designers buy them from specialized warehouses.

Artists draw illustrations in a wide variety of styles, these can be both the pictures given as examples and stylized images in a variety of techniques.

Digital illustrations are often used in design, either as a decorative element or as an important eye-catching element. For example, illustrations highlight calls to action (various web forms, mailing list subscription boxes, and so on). Illustrations can also be used to create an entire destination. A prime example is flat design, where illustrations are a major component of that direction.


Photography is another genre of digital art. It refers to professional photographs taken for the purpose of creative expression. Photographs are often used in design, both as additional visual content and as backgrounds and other design components.

Well-done photos perfectly complement the design and create a certain atmosphere on the site. Users especially appreciate unique photos created by professionals rather than images taken from free photostocks. Photos can be used to draw users’ attention to important elements of the site, which increases customer trust and brand recognition. One great example of using photos is using large images as a background.

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