How many papers are there in CSIR NET and UGC NET?

CSIR NET and UGC NET exams are the most common and competitive exams to qualify for the Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship eligibility across the colleges and universities in India. While both exams may sound similar, they differ in the type and number of subjects. The BYJU’s Exam Prep is a useful source to crack these competitive exams.

With this article, we wish to answer the most common questions surrounding the two exams. Here’s your guide to learning more about the CSIR NET and UGC NET 2022.

UGC NET 2022 Papers

Like CSIR NET, the UGC NET 2022 exam also assesses the Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship eligibility. CSIR NET is limited to the choice of subjects from the science stream, while UGC NET has an extensive range of 101 subjects. This is inclusive of students who wish to meet eligibility criteria from the non-science streams. UGC NET 2022 exam has 2 papers.

  • UGC NET Paper 1: This paper is common for every candidate, irrespective of their chosen subjects in the second paper. Paper 1 assesses candidates’ teaching aptitude, general awareness, logical reasoning, research, and cognitive skills. Paper 1 has 50 objective questions and is worth 100 marks. There is no negative marking.
  • UGC NET Paper 2: This paper varies for every candidate as per the subject selected by them. Paper 2 plays an important role in assessing candidates’ in-depth knowledge of their respective subjects. The subjects include human science, sociology, psychology, commerce, computers, history, languages, and so on. Paper 2 has 100 objective questions and is worth 200 marks. Each question holds 2 marks. There is no negative marking here either.

CSIR NET 2022 papers

The CSIR NET Exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) to assess candidates’ eligibility for the posts of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and lectureship across the colleges and universities in India. CSIR NET syllabus includes major subjects such as:

  • General aptitude: General aptitude helps assess a candidate’s reasoning, numerical abilities, and qualitative aptitude. These skills and abilities are essential for all candidates.
  • Life science: Life science includes biology, cell biology, evolution, plant & animal physiology, inheritance, applied biology, and so on.
  • Earth science: Topics under earth science include geology, geography, weather prediction, meteorology, ocean science, oceanography, and so on.
  • Mathematics science: This includes set theory, linear algebra, algebra, numeric and algebraic equations, mechanics, topology, and others.
  • Physical science: This subject includes physics, electromagnetic theory, quantum physics, molecular and nuclear physics, and so on.
  • Chemical science: Chemistry paper includes organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, medical chemistry, thermodynamics, and others.

The subjects mentioned above may vary as per the candidates’ interest area. However, general aptitude is common for all CSIR NET candidates.

The CSIR NET 2022 paper is divided into three parts: A, B, & C. Part A weighs 30 marks out of 200 marks questions. The remaining marks are divided into parts B and C that vary as per the choice of subjects.

NET exams need well-planned preparation, practice, and expert guidance. Hence, choosing the right guide becomes crucial. It is important that candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses well in advance so that they have ample time to leverage and work on them respectively.

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