How Safe is the Toyota Corolla?

If you are looking for a compact sedan that looks cool and is fun to drive, that should not be a problem—if appearance and driving are your only criteria, you have a wide range of options to choose from. But if you are looking for a sedan that offers unparalleled safety, you do not have as many options.

When it comes to safety, there is one in the compact sedan segment that undoubtedly stands out—the Toyota Corolla. Since it saw the light of the day in the 60’s, this vehicle has sold millions of units around the world, and that’s thanks to the safety features that come as standard to all its trims. For many drivers, the Toyota Corolla is a car for keeps, and even as auto manufacturers are slowly moving away from these compact cars nowadays, the Corolla will continue to become the premier choice for car buyers who want safety above all.

Read on to discover just how safe the Toyota Corolla is.

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2020 Toyota Corolla: What’s new?

The Toyota Corolla has long been known for its fuel efficiency, remarkable performance, comfort, style, and peerless safety. While it is difficult to find all these qualities in one car, with the 2020 Corolla, you can have all that and more. This compact sedan is the perfect vehicle for car buyers who believe that safety should take precedence when purchasing a car.

While the Toyota Corolla’s top safety rating may be enough to lure you—wait until its impressive list of avant-garde safety technologies leave you in awe which you can learn more about here Well, it is normal for any Toyota to come equipped with innovative safety technologies, but the Japanese brand has certainly gone the extra mile in reworking the 2020 Toyota Corolla’s safety features.

Standard to all Toyota Corolla trims are all the standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 features, which include essential safety systems that are meant to keep you safe while driving. These systems include full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control, pre-collision with pedestrian monitoring, lane departure alert with steering assist, lane tracing assist, automatic high beams, and road sign assist. This set of safety features is not only designed to guide your driving but also protect you before and after a crash. Each of these features has specific functions to perform, all towards making sure that you are in the safe zone as soon as you get behind the wheel.

The lane departure alert system with steering assist, for instance, is designed to alert you when you drift out of your lane. Once this system senses that you are not in your proper track, it will automatically drop an audiovisual alert to notify you that you need to steer back to your proper lane. The pre-collision system with pedestrian detection also issues an audiovisual alert when it detects that a pedestrian or an object might potentially get in your way. To prevent a collision, this system brakes your car if you fail to pay heed to the alert the first time you have been warned.

Aside from these safety systems, the 2020 Toyota Corolla also includes many other safety features, including standard airbags in front of the driver and passenger’s seats and on the side windows, and whiplash injury lessening seats for both the driver and the front passenger, which automatically compress during a collision to reduce the pressure that may cause injuries. All Toyota Corollas also come with side-impact door beams, child protector and rear door locks, and more.

Regardless of the trim you go for, your Toyota Corolla will also come equipped with a collapsible steering column, tire pressure monitoring system, and engine immobilizer. One of its most notable features, the hill start assist control, ensures that your car starts out safely on a hill. All Toyota Corollas also feature an anti-lock brake system, which helps monitor your wheels when you brake hard.

So, is the 2020 Toyota Corolla safe?

Considering its long and impressive list of safety features, there is no doubt that the 2020 Toyota Corolla is one of the safest—if not the safest—compact sedans out there. This vehicle is not only a pleasure to look at; it also makes a reliable family car because of its safety that is difficult to match. Without a doubt, Toyota has done an excellent job in incorporating a slew of safety technology into the Corolla as standard. If you are a family guy looking for a compact sedan and are torn among your sea of options, the Toyota Corolla’s suite of safety features might just be all you need to make a choice.  

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