How Tires Can Change Your ATV Game

Taking your ATV off-roading is a thrilling way to enjoy an afternoon, but it’s crucial to supply your vehicle with the right gear to get the most out of the experience. Tires affect your handling, traction and speed considerably, and the landscape and road conditions can help you determine which types of tires to use. Whether you enjoy barreling through a mud run or cruising on a sandy beach, you can examine these passages for advice on selecting the perfect tires for your ATV in 2021.

Top ATV Tire Parts Of 2021

Choosing tires for your ATV can seem challenging with so many tires available, but many of the discount tires wear out quickly and perform poorly. Premium quality tires, like the m1 evil tires 30x10x14, are engineered for high-performance. Before ordering tires, measure your wheels to see if you need 22x11x10 atv tires or the larger 30x10x14 models. Here are some of the exceptional 2021 ATV tires to take your off-roading to the next level.

ITP TerraCross R/T XD Rear Tire

When you’re looking for an all-terrain tire that’s durable and can handle multiple surfaces, you can rely on the ITP TerraCross. As one of the industries leading tires, the TerraCross features an ultra-tough XD rubber compound for optimal performance and extended service life. The tire has additional sideway protection for those jagged rocks and an inter-locking tread pattern with a broad footprint for superior traction and control. The 6-ply radial construction gives you the ability to conquer any terrain.

CST C9309 Ambush Rear Tire

If racing your ATV is your passion, the CST C0309 Ambush is the tire for you. Cross country and motocross trails are not a problem for the Ambush, and you can depend on the hefty tires for exceptional control and stability when you’re crossing the finish line. The tire features 4-ply construction with knobs that cover the width of the tire for improved control.

ITP Blackwater Evolution Rear Tires

All-terrain tires perform admirably in the mud, but when most of your ATV trips involve mud riding, you can count on the ITP Blackwater Evolution. The Evolution has a unique non-directional tread that minimizes any fears of slips or rolls, and its 8-ply construction can handle heavy loads and multiple terrain types. The reinforced sideway protects you against punctures, and the advanced rubber compound withstands abuse from harsh weather conditions.

Sedona Cyclone Sand Paddle Rear Tire

Plowing through the sand on the dunes is challenging when you don’t have the right tire for the job, but the Sedona Cyclone is explicitly designed for sand runs. The lightweight tire has alternating dual ribs and eight massive paddles to scoop away the sand at high speeds. Its durable support ridges minimize slides and rolls for exceptional control.

Are Coyote Tires Any Good?

Sedona’s Coyote tires are some of the best all-terrain models in the industry. Coyote atv tires allow you to travel over gravel, sand, rocks and mud without compromising your speed. The tires feature integrated side lugs for improved control, puncture-resistant construction and an aggressive tread pattern to tackle any landscape. You can find Coyote tires and a vast inventory of aftermarket products for your ATV at a trusted online distributor.

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