How To Bet On Potential March Madness Games

Betting on sports games is a joy for people who love sports betting and they can’t wait for the March Madness bracket to be released, so games can be bet on separately. Only the odds to win it all and the odds to reach the final four are only out on sportsbooks right now.

Betting on March Madness is no easy task and anything goes in March because there is always a risk of upsets happening. It is always important to look up the matchup stats and other potential betting information that goes along with it. What are some examples of how to bet on separate games in the month of March?

16 vs 1 Games

There has only been one time in NCAA Tournament history that a number one seed lost in the opening round. That was back in 2018 when UMBC beat Virginia by 20 points. Virginia happened to avenge themselves the next season by winning the National Title against Texas Tech in overtime.

One of the potential first-round matchups in the NCAA Tournament could be 16 Bryant vs 1 Baylor. Baylor is probably going to win the game and that is an obvious given. The hardest part in all of this is will Bryant be able to cover the spread or not. Let’s just say Baylor is favored by -23.5 points and the over/under is 129.5 points.

It is so hard to figure out if the Bears would beat them by more than 23.5 points even though they are a number one seed. If you think Bryant would at least cover the spread, then bet the +23.5 point spread.

15 vs 2 Games

There have been some occurrences of 15th seeds beating number two seeds lately, including when Oral Roberts upset Ohio State. Not only did that happen, but they also beat Florida in the second round and also almost upset Arkansas in the Sweet 16 and only lost to them by two points. 

One of the potential 15 vs 2 matchups this season could be Longwood vs Duke. There is another way to bet on basketball games instead of point spreads and over/unders. Betters can bet on straight-up money lines. 

Say the Longwood money line is +800 and the Duke money line is -685. We have seen crazier things before but if bettors placed $100 on both teams, the payout would be much larger if Longwood beat Duke rather than Duke beating Longwood. 

14 vs 3 Games

This is the area where a dangerous 14 seed can get the best of a potential number three seed if they don’t have a very good day or if they are a bad matchup for them. A potential 14 vs 3 matchup in this NCAA Tournament could be Towson vs Villanova. 

This could be a game where an upset could brew. There are always those people that will take the risk of betting a potential upset no matter what. Towson would be a team with nothing to lose and Villanova has National Championship aspirations.

A potential point spread for this basketball game could be Villanova -10.5 over Towson, but this could be a game where the Tigers cover the +10.5 over the Wildcats. The over/under could be 125.5 total points. 

13 vs 4 Games

The 13 vs 4 matchups is another match-up that usually can get 1 in 4 upsets each year. Those matchups remain memorable when those upsets happen. A potential 13 vs 4 matchup in this NCAA Tournament could be Toledo vs UCLA.

The money line for Toledo could be +425 and UCLA -260. If Toledo were to pull off the upset and if $100 were placed on them, it would be a nice payout compared to if a bet on the UCLA money line was placed also. 

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