How To Choose A Host For Your WooCommerce Store?

Starting an Ecommerce store with WooCommerce requires a lot of things, and hosting service providers is one of them. You have to be fully aware of the hosting service that you choose for you. Aspiring ecommerce owners want to know which hosting service is good to use for their WooCommerce store. Then there are hundreds of hosting services, you can choose any of them. There are no restrictions to any store to choose a particular hosting service. But still you haven’t got the answer. Don’t worry, being a leading SEO reseller, we will help you choose the best host for your WooCommerce store. 

Even WooCommerce can’t tell you which host is the best for you. Because it depends upon your requirements, store type, marketing tactics, and some other things. Don’t get confused about all of these things because we will explain everything to you in simple words in this post. So without wasting any time let’s go ahead with the main section.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Host

Following are some of the major things that you need to consider while choosing a host for your WooCommerce Store. You need to write everything on a notepad if you are serious about choosing the best host service for your Ecommerce store. 

#1. Budget

There are hosting services available with different pricing. You have to calculate the cost for top host services. You need to visit at least top three hosting services to calculate the pricing that they have for you. Now you will have to compare the pricing. Also, you must have to fix your budget. How much of your total capital you are willing to spend on just hosting? Doing this research will help you figure out which host is best suitable for you according to the budget.

#2. Maintenance  

What is the maintenance system provided by the host? You must have to check the way they maintain the hosting service. Do they provide manual maintenance or they maintain the hosting automatically? Which mode of maintenance do you need and which is more convenient for you as a new Ecommerce store owner? 

Answering all of these questions and checking the maintenance services of all the top hosting service providers, will help you get to the point. After this research and analysis, you will get an idea about which hosting service is really good in terms of maintenance. 

#3. Security

Security layers of websites are really important. Customers will add details of payments to your website and they will make payments too so your website must have to look secure and safe. Also, search engines are paying attention to the security layers of websites. Ecommerce stores with more security layers are ranked higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). Must check this point before choosing a host for a WooCommerce store.

#4. Scalability

For now if you are opening a WooCommerce store for limited number products, what if in future you need more products to be added to your store? What if you need more location based site sections on your website? It will require more storage, more ram and everything at a new level. So before choosing a host service provider, must consider the scalability feature. Check whether they provide a scalable solution or not. 

#5. Customer Support System

Customer support systems are also important things to consider and also check out whether they provide a 24×7 customer support system or not. If they provide quality service in this arena or not. Because you will need to get help from their side, while setting up or using their service.

#6. Insight Tools And Analytics

There are many tools used by hosting service providers to provide you technical insights about the health of your hosting. Must ask them about the various tools and reports that they provide to the customers. It will be a really important thing to check before buying any hosting service.


Choosing a host can be a time consuming task because you need to check every aspect of the service. But you don’t have to be confused about it. Just make a checklist of the above mentioned things and start researching. Search for the top five host service providers for WooCommerce stores. After that note down all the features for each service provider. After comparing all the features with your requirements you will get the best service in front of you. For more assistance, you can opt for a Company like EZ RankingsSEO India, which can help you on the same.

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