How to clean mouse pads of different materials

Cleaning method of cloth mouse pad

Speaking of cloth mouse pads, the cloth here is actually not ordinary cloth. Usually cloth mouse pads are arranged soft and smooth. The cleaning method can take a basin of clean water and soak the plastic pad for a while, then apply a small amount to wash it, and gently use an old toothbrush. Brushing, do not use force, the toothbrush must also be used, the kind of soft bristles, otherwise it will easily damage the mouse pad. After repeated brushing several times, the plastic pad will become completely new and can basically restore the original feel. For more information you can check, or

First, add soft detergent such as dishwashing detergent or silk wool to warm water.

Then put the mat in it and soak it for 15 to 30 minutes. When the water turns black a bit, lay the mat on the bottom of the basin.

Apply some pressure on the cloth with your hands and rub it back and forth. For the important parts that are often used, you can use more force and rub more, but be sure not to 


After removing the surface stains, rinse with plenty of water. Rinse all the detergent remaining in the mouse pad rubber.

Take invisible bubbles as the standard. After cleaning, place the mat on a flat place, spread it out and dry it in the shade.

Because the accumulated water in the rubber will flow out quickly, the surface of the mat has only a layer of cloth, and it will dry quickly. Don’t put it in the sun or hang it eagerly.

Method for cleaning plastic mouse pad and synthetic mouse pad

Plastic and synthetic mouse pads should be the most commonly used by gamers. They can move quickly and accurately brake. Plastic mouse pads are often very smooth, relatively stable in control, and precise in positioning. Degree is also relatively high. The cleaning method is generally very simple. If you feel that the mouse pad is very dirty, you can directly rinse it with water, and then place it in a cool place to dry. It is not recommended to place it in the sun.

Cleaning method for mouse pad made of metal or glass

Metal or glass mouse pads are generally rare, and the cleaning method is even simpler. Just rinse them directly with water or wipe them gently with a brush or wipe them off with a damp towel.

How to remove the peculiar smell of the mouse pad?

In the production process of the mouse pad, due to the use of chemical products such as foam and adhesives, it is easy to produce peculiar smells. The foam rubber at the bottom of the mouse pad plays a non-slip cushioning effect. Due to the large number of rubber micropores, it is easy to remove the peculiar smell. Attached to the mouse pad. The finished mouse pad is usually directly packed into the package. The package has little exchange with the outside air and is in a relatively sealed environment. When the player opens the mouse pad package, he can also smell the mouse pad during the production process. The peculiar smell. Generally speaking, the taste of domestic mouse pads is similar to artificial flavor, which is a little aromatic but more pungent. Taiwan-made mouse pads have a taste similar to salted fish. Although it is softer, it is also unacceptable.

Generally speaking, most people will not use washing, exposure and other methods to deal with the newly purchased mouse pad, because it is easy to cause irreparable damage to the mouse pad itself. For the sake of safety, the purpose of removing peculiar smell can be achieved by using some materials with strong adsorption to peculiar smell.

Use tea to absorb external odors to remove odors from mouse pads

In fact, the method to remove the peculiar smell of the mouse pad is very simple. Take an appropriate amount of tea (about 10g~25g), wrap it in a facial tissue with good air permeability, and put it in the mouse package along with the mouse pad (if the package has been discarded and damaged, you can use a badminton Tube or other similar containers), after sealing the package, let it stand for about half a month to basically absorb the peculiar smell of the mouse pad.

Charcoal and activated carbon can also have a better deodorizing effect

Since the tea smell is a natural organic substance, using the tea smell to remove the peculiar smell of the mouse pad will not cause damage to the mouse pad itself. If you don’t have the habit of drinking tea, you can buy some activated carbon or dry charcoal instead of tea to absorb peculiar smell. However, when using charcoal products, be careful to pack them properly to avoid contamination of the mouse pad. In contrast, it is safer to use tea leaves to remove peculiar smells.

How to buy a mouse pad

As a special advertising promotion product, the mouse pad has won the favor of the majority of merchants with its low price and excellent marketing effect. Many people will use the advertising mouse pad as the first choice for advertising promotional items. However, there are many types, materials, and specifications of advertising mouse pads, and the prices range from low to high. How to choose your own suitable mouse pad as a promotional mouse pad. The following is my experience when buying an advertising mouse pad, I hope it can help you all.

First, according to the characteristics of the target group of the advertising promotion gifts, select the advertising promotion products that suit the group. If the group is white-collar workers, you must choose a better quality mouse pad to make the advertising and marketing effect more durable. Because white-collar workers use the computer most frequently, the mouse pad is the most prone to damage; if it needs to be delivered in large quantities on the street or in a certain event, the audience will be messy. You can choose a cheaper advertising mouse pad to make, but the cheapness here does not mean shoddy. You can also make a mouse pad that people love through the coordination of design, layout, content, color, appearance, etc. Therefore, design is also very important for advertising mouse pads.

Second, according to the specific time of the promotional activities, select the advertising and promotional items suitable for the season. For promotions in autumn and winter, it is recommended to choose a cloth mouse pad as a promotional gift, because the cloth will keep warm and not ice to the wrist; for summer sales, you should choose a mouse pad with a PVC surface and a crystal wristband, which can make your hands feel Cool and comfortable.

Third, choose promotional items that are consistent with the company’s theme. The advertising mouse pad is used for advertising and marketing. When choosing an advertising mouse pad, it is necessary to see whether the product features are related to the company’s theme to achieve the best marketing effect. For example, when a large group company does a promotion, it must both promote and reflect the image of the company. You can choose to order mid-to-high-end advertising mouse pads; companies that make high-tech products generally choose glossy or PVC-surface mouse pads for printing. High-tech theme patterns are used to show the high-tech content of the company’s products; tire companies generally choose natural rubber advertising mouse pads for advertising and promotional items. The soft natural rubber cloth mouse pad will make people immediately think of tires. product. Food companies generally choose odorless, environmentally friendly, and high-quality advertising mouse pads to highlight the green and natural characteristics of the company’s food.

Fourth, according to the company’s marketing objectives and requirements, choose the most cost-effective mouse pad product. If the company’s marketing requirements for promotional activities are not high, it can purchase some fabrics and make monochrome printed mouse pads. The price is cheap and the marketing effect is good. If the company wants to pursue high marketing effects, it can purchase some personalized mouse pads with good quality, good feel, and color printing.

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