How to Crack the JEE Main in the first attempt 

Clearing JEE Main and getting admission to the Indian Institute of Technology is the dream of many aspirants. And there’s no problem with having big dreams. The problem arises when we don’t put in the effort to achieve our goals. So, never give up and concentrate on your studies to get a good rank in IIT JEE. You will pass this exam with flying colors by following the suggestions provided in this article. 

It’s not an easy task to leave your competitors behind, but this task can be done easily with the right kind of attitude. Before starting your preparation, just make sure that you are ready to devote more time to improving your weak areas with the help of self-study rather than killing time in cramming the notes without understanding the basic concepts.

The JEE Main aspirants must have five things to clear this exam.

  • Discipline: Discipline is the game-changer for the students who appear in any competitive exam. It’s that thing when you don’t feel like studying, but you do it anyway because you know practicing questions is more important than wasting time on NetFlix. It includes Consistency, confidence, and willingness. It also includes smart preparation and a timetable. 
  • What’s smart preparation? It’s the method of eliminating unimportant topics from your syllabus & Creating a list of the most important topics from previous years’ question papers, and being the master of those topics. 
  • How to make a reasonable TimeTable? Some aspirants make a schedule of studying 18 hours and don’t study at all, some sleep with the books which is also an inappropriate method of studying to achieve your goals. An aspirant needs to set a deadline to cover every topic for exams. For which, he will be required to create the schedule for one week, and not for the upcoming seven months. Just finish one topic in a week, attempt a Mock test, and then analyze your performance, and do the revision daily. After doing all of this, move forward with another topic if your performance is good. If you don’t perform well, clear all fundamentals and re-test yourself. Make a note of your daily activity. Think at night what you have done today and what’s left for tomorrow.
  • Experienced & Helpful mentors: All the JEE Main aspirants out there are suggested to have 3 mentors for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Search for the best mentor, take your time, and as you find those best mentors, stop searching for others. They will teach you shortcuts and tricks to solve the questions in an optimized manner. It will improve your speed of solving questions as early as possible. 
  • Why helpful mentors? Some aspirants love to study and they can learn in a classroom that is full of 100 students. But some of the aspirants need extra attention. They need a reason for everything. So, a teacher’s way of teaching should be interesting and creative for those students. Here, parents are advised to find a personal trainer for them. 
  1. Right Peer group: Coaching is necessary because it gives students a real exam-like environment. And they get a peer group where everyone talks about the same thing and the same goal. It will motivate an aspirant to study and compete, this is also helpful in improving analytical skills. Students will learn from their mistakes and will resist making them. 
  2. The habit of analyzing Mock Tests: This will help an aspirant to identify their weak and strong areas. Mocks are based on the real exam pattern.  So, it is important to attempt them. It’s very important to check your mistakes. It is also important to check where you spend more time than required?  Let’s see how to do that.
  • Attempt section-wise Mock Test. This will give you an idea about your weak and strong subject or concept. And then, prepare yourself for the next mock test, see the improvements.
  • Check the correct answers. And have a look at the method and trick provided by your mentors. If the trick is different, learn this trick and follow this in the next mock.
  • Check incorrect answers. If half of your solution is right, work on your calculation. If the solution is different, revise the concept. 
  • For left unattempted questions, revise the concept, try to solve the left unattempted questions by yourself, and then check the solution given in the mock.
  1. Knowledge of the syllabus and the pattern of the exam: It’s the first step to entering into the JEE preparation world. The syllabus of class 12th includes theoretical questions while this is a competition where the only objective types of questions are asked to check the analytical and numerical abilities of the aspirants. One needs to be sharp and tricky for clearing this exam on the first attempt. As per the pattern, there is a negative marking of 0.25 percentage in the exam, which means that an aspirant can take a risk of solving 5 to 6 unfamiliar questions or they can go 2-3 wild guesses, and not more than this. 
  • Maths: Practice will open the door of perfection for you. The more questions you practice, the more knowledge, speed, and accuracy you will gain in this subject. This will boost up the confidence level as well. The aspirants will feel relaxed and confident.
  • Physics: Thermodynamics and Optics have 9 to 10% weightage, so give more time to this topic, and those which have less weightage give them time when you are done with these topics. 
  • Chemistry: It’s an interesting subject. Focus on every topic. Solutions have 6% weightage, so don’t leave such topics even if you find them difficult. 

In JEE Main, Maths, physics, and chemistry carry the same weightage. And the questions from the topic that carries 3% weightage are as important as the section that carries a weightage of more than 7% to clear JEE Main in the first attempt. So, the aspirants need to have a look at those topics as well. They are suggested to increase their speed and accuracy while solving the questions. Clearing IIT JEE in the first attempt is not impossible if you do it with passion. Complete Ncert of class 12 and 11. And read the book concepts of physics by HC Verma and DC Pandey. You will be in for sure. 

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