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How to Create Social Media Graphics for High Engagement?

Social media can be a daunting task for companies to handle. In the digital era it is imperative that you have comprehensive knowledge on how to create graphics for high engagement. To start with let us first understand what social media graphics are.

Social media graphics are visual images with stuffed information which help the customer in understanding what the company is all about. Any advertisement that you see on Google websites and browsers are nothing but graphics. The visuals are used to attract customers and increase the customer base.

So what do we mean by high engagement?

Social media engagement gives a measure of the traffic on any particular website or browser. If the engagement is high this means that a lot of people or customers visit the web page. Hence if the page has high engagement this means that it is well designed and has an active graphic designing team working on it. There are obviously many factors apart from graphic designing that make a website lucrative to the consumer but graphic designing is one of the major sources that make a website captivating.

Here are some simple steps by which you can create social media graphics for high engagement.

Considering the fact that you have a budding company we will start from the basics of how to create a graphic advertisement or poster for attracting customers. If your company has a dedicated group of graphic designers then most of the job will be done by them. You might be called in to select your favourite templates but other than that all the work will be shared amongst the team.

Assuming that you do not have any preconceived notions or knowledge about graphic designing here are the simplest steps by which you can create your own pamphlet.

1. Graphic design tools are available online for free for everyone to use them.

Social media graphics can be designed by novice and beginners as well. This is because there are some free tools available on the web for everyone to use.

Some of them are-

  • Canva – One of the most popular applications used for social media graphics is canva. Canva has Several free templates that the user can use to bring their imagination to life.
  • Canvas is also free and does not charge you any money. You can use the readily available texts and font styles in this application. If you are a beginner then this is one of the easiest to navigate applications in the market.
  • Inkscape- Another popular application which is absolutely free of cost is Inkscape. Inkscape has all the features that canvaa provides to its customers. The free tool allows you to design and modify the social media graphics post according to your needs.
  • You can customise the font size and colour suiting to the occasion.
  • Gimp- GIMP is another excellent tool which is too good to be free of course.
  • The best advantage about GIMP is that you can use this application from any device of your choice like Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • You can customise the youtube thumbnail size, graphic design size guide or any other template of your choice.
  • Dribble- Another tool which is very reputed among graphic designers is Dribble. Dribble allows you to showcase your creative talents by working on logo designing, advertisement box creation, pamphlet designing or flash sale cards.
  • This is a platform which allows you to create any social media graphic post of your choice.

2. Keep the size of your template in mind.

The most important thing while creating a social media graphic card is its size. You should make sure that the size of the template fits according to the application on which you are going to post. The pixel size is also very important as different applications have separate pixel sizes in mind.

Here are some examples of the pixel sizes which are best suited for the applications-

  • Facebook support a pixel size of 1200 × 630
  • Instagram supports a pixel size of 1040 X 1080
  • Twitter support subpixel size of 440 x 220
  • LinkedIn support a pixel size off 400× 400

3. You should always keep the purpose of the brand for which you are creating the social media graphic card.

Are you creating a post for a YouTube channel or an Instagram post? If that is the case then choose instagram post size, postcard size or any other suitable dimension.

4. You should always keep the purpose of the brand in your mind while you’re creating the logo.

For example if you have a company which sells clothing and accessories then it is better if you create chic and trendy logos. However if you own a steel company then the logo and the graphic design for the same will be very different.

5. The design of your graphics should be very simple and what should not be overstuffed.

Customers will always prefer to see a logo or a flash sale card which has minimalistic design.

  • Make sure that the post or the advertisement looks simple and conveys all the necessary information to the viewer.
  • If you use too many letters or words then it might agitate the customer. As a result they will not read any relevant information.

6. Always make sure to add images from business snippets or real life.

If it is possible for you then you should definitely add images or pictures from real life. If this is very difficult then you might at least make sure to incorporate images inspired by real life. The customer will be discouraged if they see that fake or ornamental images are used instead of real and authentic ones.

For example, if you own a company which conducts workshops then make sure to add snippets and moments from the workshops that have already been conducted. However if you use a fake image of an online event then the customer might be discouraged from using your services. Real images give an authentic feel to the customer and they are more prone to revisit your website.

7. Make sure to Add all the relevant data within your social media graphic card.

Suppose you want to create an advertisement for a clothing company.

  • First of all you should make sure that the flash sale card is attractive in nature but looks very simple.
  • Then you should add all the relevant information which can attract the customer. For an example you can convey to the customer what percentage of discount they will get on a particular brand.

8. You must work towards creating a brand signature visual for the customers.

You should always work towards creating a brand signature visual for the customers. This means that if they spot a particular logo or an image anywhere during the day to day activities it should remind them of your company. For an example if you ever spot a half eaten apple it probably reminds you of apple inc. This is how major brands influence their customers subliminally.

Visual aspects are a very major factor in marketing. Hence you should work towards creating a visual image in the minds of your customers which will directly remind them of your company.

9. The social media graphics should be soothing to the customers eyes.

You probably have been targeted with a lot of ads which have loud and overstuffed visuals. The following will lead the customer to reject the picture immediately. Hence you should always make sure that the graphics are simple, minimalist and have soothing colours like chocolate brown or lavender.

The images that are used for creating a visual must also be soothing and not loud. The fonts that you use on the graphics also matter a lot. You should always use medium spaced fonts which are legible. Do not use fonts which are hard to read or not spaced properly.

10. The social media graphics should contain CTAs or call to action  paragraphs.

CTA or Call to action makes a customer take action spontaneously. It makes the consumer buy your product immediately as all the lucrative offers are mentioned already.

To maintain a neat space between the information, you should divide it into bullets. Some good call to action lines that you might include in the social media graphic posts are-

  • Hurry! Only a few units left. Buy your favourite (product name) now.
  • Your favourite product is now on sale. Get a 50% discount on it.
  • Hey gorgeous, your (product name ) is waiting for you.
  • SALE! Get up to 50% off on selected products.

These are some simple call to action lines that will prompt the user to buy things.

11. If you do not want to click pictures or add personal images then use free resources.

At times you might not want to add any personal images which might give out location information off your office. In those rare cases you might use available and royalty free images from the web.

Some sources from where you can use these images are-

  • Unsplash- Unsplash is an excellent free website from where you can download and use royalty free images. It has a library of over 1,000,000 pictures ranging from gaming sectors to the automobile industry. You can get matching images for almost any topic under the sun on unsplash and it is absolutely free.
  • Wikimedia Commons- Another useful website from where you can download and use images is Wikimedia Commons. You can get pictures related to science and technology and other subjects on this platform. Use them according to your fill and make sure that you give image credits to the websites.

Final words: The key points to remember.

Thus you should remember that there are many free resources available to you if you want to pursue graphic designing or create logos for your own company. With tools like GIMP and Canva You can easily create social media graphics. The social media graphics will also help you increase the customer engagement when you will create attractive pamphlets.

Make sure that you include all the relevant and important information which might seem lucrative to the customer. Apart from this many websites provide free templates for creating posters and advertisements which you can use at your will. The Internet also provides you with free images if you do not want to design A pamphlet. Make sure to follow these steps and customer engagement is bound to increase.

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