How to Customize Ecommerce Icons to your Brand

Ecommerce Icons are essentially collections of icons related to an ecommerce website and linked together. Ecommerce Icons are created for companies that promote their online stores.

Ecommerce icons are created by people who are well versed with the company they are designing for. They keep on adding things as per the requirement of the company. Ecommerce icons help improve the visual appeal of a site, thus increasing sales. Ecommerce icons have different sizes and colours. As the ecommerce store grows, it requires better visual representation. The icons are useful and add a competitive edge for the ecommerce store. The best part is that you can easily create them for your business and download them, free of cost, on a .svg format.

How to create ecommerce icons?

The process to create ecommerce icons can be broken down into three steps. Let’s go through these steps in detail.

Creating the icon Set up the template – This is the most important step to create an ecommerce icon. There are multiple icons available in online stores. So, the first step is to download them in a .svg static format.

Set up the icon – The next thing that needs to be done is to personalize icon for your website. Change the colours, design and shapes to align them with your brand.

Animate the icon – You should know that SVG icons can be animated too. Use a tool like SVGator to easily animate your icons and make them stand out.

All in all, it is simple to create ecommerce icons. You can also download them in high quality images.

Now, how are ecommerce icons different from business icons?

While creating ecommerce icons, there are certain parameters which differ from business icons.

Ecommerce icons are designed to create interest while browsing a website. So, you have to place them on different places on the page. It is a simple way to promote your online store.

Business icons are quite a popular choice as they have various sizes and are either static or can be animated. This brings a fun factor to the icons. Ecommerce icons have an ability to do the same thing.

The use of icons is not restricted to only displaying them on a webpage or tab of a website. You can also use icons in ecommerce carts, sign up forms, FAQs, payment form, shopping cart etc. This adds the fun factor in the process.

Like ecommerce icons, business icons have multiple shapes, colours and sizes. Ecommerce icons are quite simple whereas business icons are complex in nature.

Ecommerce icons have an ability to increase the users’ interest in the website.

Can you create ecommerce icons?

Yes, you can make your own icons. Here is what you need to do to create your own.

  1. Draw an ecommerce icon for free using an SVG creator or find one online to download for free.
  2. Download in a .svg static format
  3. Add animations and effects to make them interactive
  4. Download and use it

Are you looking for icons for your website?

If yes, then you need to download and use free website icons in .svg format. There are many websites that offer these icons in free high-quality .svg files, including You can also download free .css and .html icons.


In conclusion, you have to understand that there are hundreds of website icons available online. But it’s not just a selection. It has a sense of creativity too. You need to find the perfect combination to make your ecommerce website stand out.

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