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How to Deep Clean Your Home Before Moving

When you are moving into a new property, rental or otherwise, you will more than likely want it to be spick and span for moving into. This is why many properties are professionally cleaned before new tenants move in. While this is often the responsibility of the landlord in many states, you will find that many homes should be returned in the state they were rented in, which should be cleaned thoroughly.

You will have plenty of things to think about when moving house, but this will serve

as a guide to help you clean your home to an excellent standard before moving on.

Read on to find out more!

·        Get The Right Equipment on Hand

You do not need much to clean a house realistically. Just a couple of sponges, a decent cleaning spray, or even some baking soda and vinegar. However, the many inventions that have been created to make cleaning life easier can certainly be worth the investment, and can take a lot of time and effort out of the process.

Carpet cleaners can get the floor looking new within an hour, specialist sprays that are made for different issues such as grease, limescale, or stains all offer different formulas to treat a specific issue, and make sure to get yourself a good hoover that can pick up even the finest of crumbs, so you do not have to keep going over and over the same spot! These can all be used time and time again.

·        Get Everything Out

The easiest way to clean a house is to have it completely empty. Many of us know the struggles of trying to hoover around a sofa or clean a skirting board where there is furniture in the way, so starting with a blank slate will only help make the job go by significantly faster, and make your life much easier.

Hiring a moving company can help you do this! Everything can be put into a large moving truck out of the way, you can have help with packing, and they will also deliver everything to your new home while you carry on with everything that needs to be done. Just Google movers and packers near me to find out your local, trusted moving companies.

·        Work Top to Bottom

When deep cleaning your house before moving, it is a better use of your time and energy to work from top to bottom. There are a few reasons for this.
First of all, if you start dusting from the top, for example, after you have finished your floors, you might be dismayed to learn that the dust you so carefully wanted to remove from the ceiling and other upper crevices has now made itself a new home on your gleaming linoleum.

This principle also works for cleaning the upstairs of the building first, so you are not trapsing everything up and down the house if you need to go downstairs to get to the next floor or to the kitchen sink – a staple for cleaning!

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