How To Dose HCG For PCT

HCG despite its strange origin is a very powerful drug, which can save not only your testicles, but also your whole progress after steroids cycle. Interested? Today we are going to talk about how to dose hcg for pct to not to kill yourself, but to achieve the best results possible. 

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What is PCT

If you are an experienced athlete you probably should know what PCT is by now. If you are a new member of big steroid users society we are going to tell you the most general information about it. PCT is post cycle therapy, which is used by athletes to save progress from the cycle, normalize some processes in the body, reduce side effects and also to decrease rollback phenomenon. So, PCT is when you use special medication which restore your sex hormone levels. Sex hormones are specific substances that affect many vital processes and are an integral part of the hormonal background. They are produced by special endocrine glands, enter the bloodstream and move to target cells, causing a biological effect.

But why are they so important? Sex hormones are steroid compounds that are divided into 3 main groups: androgens, estrogens, and gestagens. The main component of all sex hormones is cholesterol, which, undergoing changes, first turns into progesterone, which is converted into testosterone. The latter, in turn, becomes estrogen. This chain of transformations explains the presence of all sex hormones in both men and women in varying concentrations. The main sex hormones of the female body: estrogens, progesterone, prolactin. The main sex hormone in the male body is testosterone. Their concentration depends on various factors: gender, age, weight, heredity, lifestyle, bad habits, chronic diseases, ecology, sleep and rest, nutrition and others. 

We can say that in most cases their level defines who we are. During the steroid cycle their level is disbalanced. That is why you need post cycle therapy. Probably your hormones will restore themselves during some time, usually it takes from one to six month, but, during this time you will suffer through unpleasant steroid consequences. You can lose all your muscle mass, your mood will be quite depressing, but the most important thing is that your testicles can become the size of raisins. Do you need it? I hope you’re not a masochist and will be obedient and will start post cycle therapy to avoid stuff listed above. 

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced in the human placenta that maintains the corpus luteum during pregnancy. Men use it after a steroid cycle to restore hormone balance. Some can take it before the main cycle, during the main cycle or during PCT, it depends on results you want to achieve. However, HCG usage during post cycle therapy is quite questionable. No one has ever tested it properly, that’s why there is no scientific approval, but some guys believe that HCG is perfect for PCT. The most important thing here is not to start it right away, but wait for a week, because it can mess up your whole therapy. 

Before questioning how to dose hcg for pct you should be absolutely confident that other options like Clomid or Nolvadex do not work, because HCG is quite a hardcore thing to take. People use it as a last chance to restore their balls. Before you start to take it you should wait for a period of the longest ester half life from the cycle to pass. Then you can start injecting 4 times, each fourth day 2500IU of HCG. After ten days pick up your main PCT compound right where you left it, and stop using HCG. After this blast your testicles should return to the place they belong. 

There are actually a lot of different compounds for post cycle therapy. Before choosing any of them you should learn their pros and cons. For example, HCG benefits: it helps you normalize the work of testicles, their size, and make the quantity of your sperm higher. However, it also has side effects: it causes water retention, in some cases gynecomastia or rebound adrenal effects. 


Actually, we hope that you will never experience such side effects like testicular atrophy, it is quite an awful thing to feel. Consequently, you will not need to use HCG during your PCT or even use it at all. However, if the situation is that serious you should definitely use HCG, but be careful as you are careful with any other gears in your stack. If it is not helping you should run as fast as you can to your doctor, maybe he will advise something else, which can help you. 

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