How to improve on productivity in a short time

If you are getting a problem utilizing the short time that you have to do specific tasks, this article helps you use the small-time properly. One needs to work on his timekeeping skills, that is, if they want to succeed in a work environment. At least people are not born with time management skills. They get to learn them with time. It is a process of learning this skill. If you think you do not have this particular skill, it is fine. So one can learn to elevate his productivity. Here are ways from the guide to writing a thesis proposal that you as an individual can use to upgrade your timekeeping and writing skills.

Have a timer.

Have an estimation of how you want your tasks to take. Then get a timer and set it to their respective durations. There are very many ways of doing this. The approach that you opt for depends on you. This technique lets you concentrate on your task for twenty-five minutes and then have a break of about five minutes. This technique is the Pomodoro technique.

Remove all distractions.

Distractions can be many things, including emails and social media notifications, when you have so many tabs open at the same time on a browser. You do not have to organize only offline but also online.

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When you listen to music that boosts productivity, your productivity will improve, read more about how to improve your productivity in writing. The previous point takes about distractions being a point of lowering Concentration, but a little soft music is also good for boosting productivity. 

Meaning in your work

Now when you are doing your work, enjoy it. When you enjoy your work the productivity increases. But if you find your work boring, then your productivity will lower. 

Prioritizing tasks

When you arrange according to the importance level, you will find out that you are completing your important assignments first, and then the rest follow. There are techniques that you can use to learn more about how to prioritize your work of thesis introductions.

Put tasks that are similar in one group.

There are tasks like phone calls, emails, blogs. One can categorize these tasks in one group. It will help in completing tasks that are similar at the time. Some applications can help you with the issue of categorizing tasks.

Dreaded tasks.

You must make sure that you finish the dreaded task in the morning hours. There are those people who prefer to go through emails in the morning. Checking emails is very simple. Doing something that gives you hard is essential. So one must do them in the morning hours.


Have the morale to do your work. You can give yourself morale by just rewarding yourself after you finish a particular task. Keep records of your achievements and have a small celebration.


Research says that multitasking is not good for productivity. If you know or think that you can do many things, revise your actions. Suppose you want to achieve good productivity and focus on one task.

Leave your laptop for a while.

The internet is one of the primary distractions in the world today. Always try and do most of your work in an offline mode.


These are a few tips on how you can be productive when you are doing your work. If these methods do not apply to you, you can do further research.

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