How to keep your curly hair weaves healthy

After buying some curly hair weaves, you need to learn a few tricks to maintain your weaves if you want them to look natural and the curl to last longer.

1. Cleaning and Conditioning

After receiving the weaves, you need to take them out of the box and put them in the water, not on your head. Most of the hair vendors pre-wash the hair with some chemicals to wash the dirt after they receive the hair, and process the hair again before coloring. And for curly weaves, the seller needs to take chemical products to make sure a perfect curl. So it is wise to wash your weaves thoroughly and deep condition the hair before installing. Wash your human hair weaves with a sulfate-free shampoo regularly, and you can clean your hair more often if you have oily skin or in the summertime.

2. Take care of the weaves as your own hair

Most of the women choose to buy weaves that are similar to their own hair texture and color. So you can use the same products for your own natural hair or exclusive ones for weaves. That’s because you are already known what is best for your hair and how to use each one. And it’s best to avoid using heat styling as much as possible. The heat tools can damage your natural hair, so as your human hair weaves. You can use your finger to brush your hair for detangling if the comb does not work well, and you can buy a wide-toothed comb specially made for curly hair.

3. Maintain Regularly

Comparing with other hair textures, curly hair is usually drier. So it needs a maintenance routine to keep the curl live. It’s suggested to moisturize or hydrate the hair after washing. And you should keep in mind that brushing the hair when it needs water is not a great idea, because it may cause hair breakage and tangles. And you can spray your hair with fresh water and aloe vera juice to keep curl watery and bouncy.

4. Store Your Wigs Properly

How to preserve your curly hair weaves before sleeping is an essential part to keep the bundles away from frizz and tangling. They won’t last long if you just toss them on the bed. You should use a silk bonnet to protect your curly weaves if you sleep with your hair. If you take the bundles out of your hair, you need to protect the bundles by using a silky scarf to wrap them around for keeping them in shape and shiny.

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