How to know if your Laguiole knives are genuine or not?

In the world of duplicity, which is a genuine thing is hard to know. When it comes to a delicate piece of art like Laguiole, the rarity is a must. Laguiole is not a brand but a tool; any craftsman can manufacture his brand name called Laguiole.

A Laguiole knife is formed by performing almost several manufacturing processes only done by professionals. Laguiole knife is a hand-made tool, fine quality raw material is used in the manufacturing of Laguiole, that is why in the market you cannot find Laguiole at a low price. However, it is available in tourist places but at cheaper prices. It seems like a copy of the knives.

Things that are included in manufacturing a Laguiole Knife

Laguiole assembled by hands after careful assessment of raw material. In duplicate knives, everything is just in a random sequence with no proper fitting. Laguiole shaft i.e. the blade of the knife is high-grade stainless steel, you can witness visible shine on it.

Genuine Laguiole has a smooth razor-sharp blade and resistance over time. When you compromise with steel, the poor blade is not resistant over time. Genuine identities bolsters are brass-made, whereas, duplicate knives are made by low-grade aluminum bolsters.

A classical craftsman can carve a real Shepherds cross on the handle of a Laguiole knife handle, it is a sign of a traditional Laguiole Knife. Derivation angle of shepherds crosses in no joke art.

Importance of genuine Laguiole knife

Genuine Laguiole cutlery is a class that is celebrated all over the world. Moreover, on the food tables, these are the signature of the royal treat. Flawless in look, genuine Laguiole knife are elegant, comes with stylish stylish handles, polished shiny stainless steel. They replicate the fine French art on the Knives are Made in France with pure essence like French Perfume.

French brands are producing legendary Laguiole cutlery. Nowadays Chinese companies are copying the brand name and selling it under the “Laguiole” brand name. But this is firstly created in France and spread around the world.

How to Identify Genuine Laguiole Knife

Genuine Laguiole knives are made in France. Under the Brand name, there is a specific mention of the place of manufacturing, you should opt for made in France brand. Make sure the product country of origin is not mentioned and should ask for the origin of manufacturing. The history of this knife attracts the attention of people.


In the earlier days, Jean-Pierre calamel created a unique design. After a certain period, it was retouched by Philippe Starck and now it can also use as table knives. It has a nice design and possesses a decent grip to hold in your hands.


Knives are useful in the kitchen, jungle area, and many other places. Because of these things, the company takes precautions for making this knife. They also take care of children’s use while making. So anyone can use these knives regardless of gender, age, and situation. Therefore, they make it convenient and easy to use knives for everyone.

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