How to Learn Cloud Computing in Bangalore?

“ Cloud Computing is the Future.”

It is considered one of the most flamboyant technological evolutions witnessed in the field of information technology. Cloud computing adoption is the fastest in organizations than any other technology. A recent report says that almost 95% of respondents are using cloud computing some or the other way. This domain has become a rapidly growing force in recent years that allows companies to quickly adapt and cater to evolving needs of businesses and their employees. One more report from Dell says that organizations that invest in cloud, security, and big data are enjoying around 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors.

Cloud computing is becoming more popular day by day because it allows businesses to build more innovative and dynamic ways of working. Cloud computing offers inexpensive services that help in reducing a considerable amount of Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) that too with pay-as-you-go offerings. Cloud offers services with security as several organizations have security concerns when it comes to a cloud computing solution. It also provides mobility and flexibility to get meaningful insights.

Cloud computing can integrate a simple process so that team members can view and share information securely and easily across a cloud-based platform. There are many more reasons for the popularity of cloud computing that can attract people to make a career in this domain. Therefore people are seeking appropriate courses such as cloud computing courses in Bangalore to begin a career with cloud computing.

So this article is all about how one can learn cloud computing in Bangalore with proper certification and training.

Cloud Computing Explained

Cloud computing is a technological process that delivers computing services such as storage, servers, databases, software, analytics, networking, intelligence, and many more over the internet. It provides an alternative to the on-premises data center that allows us to manage computing services without installing the operating system, installing hardware, virtualization, or any other required applications. It means that the resources are owned and managed by a third-party provider, instead of the end-user. Cloud computing provides a wide variety of platforms and software as a service where a cloud vendor is responsible for the hardware purchase and maintenance.

In other words, cloud computing provides an easily accessible online portal that makes it handy for the users to manage the storage, compute, application, and network resources. We can understand cloud computing with the following image.

Cloud computing is helping several start-ups and large businesses to optimize cost and increase offerings as they no longer require extra software and hardware. So companies do not require to worry about investing in labor, expertise, and capital for the maintenance of these resources.

How Can One Learn Cloud Computing In Bangalore?

In today’s digital age cloud computing is beneficial for both enterprises who use their services and for vendors who deliver cloud services. Nowadays there is a high demand for skilled cloud professionals who have the knowledge and ability to solve cloud problems through Azure, Google, Microsoft, and many others. So, this is the right time to get a cloud computing certification. Let us know about some of the crucial steps to learn Cloud computing.

  • Fulfill the Prerequisites- The first step to learn cloud computing is to fulfill the prerequisites. Know about your current status of knowledge and experience and take steps to learn programming, basics of security and privacy, databases, understanding of agile development, and virtualization, basics of networking, etc. These are basic skills enough to start your career in cloud computing.
  • Cloud and Virtualization Concepts- A good understanding of virtualization plays a vital role in the cloud computing learning path. It enables the cloud and organizations to unite their server areas. It also allows you to create a virtual environment to get successfully started with it and also utilize the cloud technology as much as possible. It is also necessary to learn important concepts of virtualization like hypervisor and various Hypervisors such as KVM, Xen, VMware, HyperV, or OpenVZ.
  • Learn Networking and Linux- Linux and Networking can be your first approach towards learning Cloud computing. Linux operating systems have a high priority in the IAAS platforms and almost all the companies with scalable environments and web applications choose Linux operating systems. Many major platforms like Google cloud platform, Amazon Web Services, etc are built with Linux concepts. It can help system administrators and developers at work, so learning Linux is worth it before learning cloud computing.

Networking can also help you to learn cloud computing in a better way as it puts together everything in the realm of computing. It also helps you understand how different servers across the world communicate with each other.

  • Understanding of Types of Cloud- Before learning cloud computing it is also necessary to learn about the three types of the cloud:

 Public Cloud-it is a publicly accessible framework where users can store data or use it as a virtual machine.

 Private Cloud– Private cloud is best for those who need a cloud exclusively for the organization as it offers flexible services.

 Hybrid Cloud- This type of cloud computing is a mixture of public and private clouds. For certain business needs who can benefit from the combination are the ones who use a hybrid cloud.

It is also necessary to differentiate between the three of them. Public cloud and private cloud are two terminologies commonly used in the market today.

Know about Cloud Service Providers-  The leading cloud service providers are

  • Amazon Web Services- For seamless integrations and services available.
  • Microsoft Azure- This platform is ideal for enterprise clients who are familiar with Microsoft products.
  • Google Cloud Platform- it suits those developers who need streamlined cloud services for deployment and development.

So, these are some of the crucial basic prerequisites that one should gain before starting a career in cloud computing.

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