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How to make a LEGO car?

One of the most appealing aspects about LEGO building bricks is that you can customize and construct almost anything you can think of. A LEGO vehicle is a simple, quick project that is enjoyable for both beginner and experienced players. There are several alternatives and methods for building a LEGO vehicle, but the essential concepts stay the same.

You will know how to build a LEGO vehicle with the components in this guide. Before continuing on to Step One, please take a minute to gather all of the necessary components!

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Step 1: Get your LEGO pieces together

You’ll need a variety of components for this automobile, and you may mix and match depending on what you have on hand.

  • The chassis must have
  1. Four tyres of the same size
  2. Two rectangular axles of the same length
  3. A thin 4×12 plate LEGO pieces.
  • To build the body section of vehicle LEGO blocks of following dimensions are required:
  1. 2 blocks of 2×2
  2. 6 blocks of 2×4
  3. 1 block of 1×4
  4. 2 angular blocks of 2×2
  5. 1 LEGO windscreen
  6. 1 piece of steering wheel

Step 2: Attach the axle parts to the tyres with clamps

Small square or rectangular pieces with prongs on both sides make up the axle components. Connect each prong with a tyre. When you’re completed, the axles will link two sets of tyres.

  • Check the proportions of your tyres and foundation piece. Small tyres will not be able to sustain a bigger LEGO car and it will slow it down.

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Step 3: Construct the front cover

  • Place the transparent bricks on top of the square bricks and snap them together.
  • Attach the components you just finished to your car’s front end.
  • Check that the plate’s end is even with the border of the components you’ve attached.

Step 4: Assemble the windscreen section

  • Place two 2×4 bricks on upper end of one another.
  • Attach the windscreen piece with a snap. Just below the component you attached in Step 3, attach this part to the plate.

Step 5: Construct the cabin

  • Connect the 1×2 bricks to the 2×4 block on each end.
  • In the area between both the 1×2 bricks, place the steering column. With the wheel facing you, place the component on the back row of studs.
  • Just beneath the windshield portion, attach this part to the base and construct the body.

Step 6: Create a rear end and a “leading edge”

  • Arrange both 2×4 blocks on top of each other. Attach the 1×4 block to the stack’s back.
  • Place the plate on the 1×4 brick so that it hangs a bit off the rear of the building.
  • Just below the body portion, connect this component to the frame

Step 7: Place your axle’s parts on the frame’s bottom

  • The whole front border of the tyres should be aligned with the foundation piece’s front edge.
  • The inner edge of the drive wheels should roughly stack up with the foundation piece’s tail end.

Step 8: Have fun with your vehicle!

You may play around with various designs to achieve the appearance and performance you prefer.


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