How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special during Pandemic?

Our whole world went upside down when the pandemic struck globally. The pandemic  compelled us to stay inside our house. We can’t even step out to celebrate special occasions like birthdays. However, your child’s birthday is way more special. You would want to make the day happiest for your child, and you can do it at your home too. Besides giving them gifts like teddy animals, chocolates, bicycles, or video games, you can make some arrangements to make the day unforgettable for your child.

Here are some ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday at home and make it extra special.

Surprise Wake-Up Call

Your kid’s birthday starts when the clock hits midnight. Wish them along with hugs and kisses and then put them to bed. The next morning when it is time to rise and shine, stand over their bed and wake them up by showering balloons along with pieces of ribbons over them. Or else, scatter balloons in their room so that they wake up to a pool of balloons that they will absolutely love. You know how much children adore balloons and they will be delighted with your balloony surprise. Fill their morning with balloons and lots of joy.

Cook Favorite Meal

It’s your kid’s special day, and to make it extra special, cook their favorite meals. For example, cook pancakes for breakfast if your child loves pancakes. Not only breakfast but also make lunch and dinner as per your child’s wish. Instead of ordering their favorite food from outside, cook yourself. It will show your efforts and make your child feel special. Moreover, children love fast foods like pizza or burgers, and you can cook them in your home kitchen. These fast foods are not healthy for children, but they can have at least a day in a year when they can eat what they want. After all, the day belongs to them!

Gift a Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love stuffed teddy bears? Children are very fond of teddy animals. So you can gift them personalized happy birthday stuffed animals. It will bring an instant smile to the face of your child. As you know, teddy bears come in different sizes. It is your kid’s birthday, so amaze them with a 53 inch teddy bear. You don’t even have to step out to purchase a stuffed toy for your child. Instead, you can buy teddy bear online from your home. But order the birthday teddy bear at least 10 days before your child’s birthday. So that you receive it early, either before or on the special eve.

Decorate the House

Due to the pandemic, you can’t go out for your child’s birthday party, but you can have one at your home. And there is no birthday party without some decorations. So, get on your feet to decorate your home with balloons, ribbons, lighting, etc. You can decorate your home by hanging pictures of your child. Furthermore, you can also have a theme party. Pick a theme based on your child’s favorite cartoon or sports. If you can’t think of anything, you can search for some DIY birthday party theme ideas on the internet.

Bake a Cake Together

A birthday is incomplete without a cake! But instead of ordering a cake from a bakery, bake it yourself. You can make the cake baking activity more fun by doing it with your child. Family cooking or baking sessions were quite popular last year during the lockdown. If your boy or girl loves watching you cook and imitate you while playing, they will surely love baking a cake. Let your child choose his or her own flavor and toppings for the cake. After baking it, decorate the cake with your child. Not only your kid, but you will also cherish this fun bonding session forever.

Play Fun Games

You can make the day more fun by playing games. Call your children’s friends home and organize fun indoor games for them. You have plenty of options like board games or dart games. If you want to make it more exciting and adventurous, you can arrange a gift treasure hunt. You can hide birthday presents like chocolates or plush brown teddy bears and leave a trail of clues for them to find these gifts. Besides, you can also play musical chairs, hide and seek, a bubble wrap race, and many more. So, make your kid’s birthday party a smashing success with fun games.

Do Some Charity

One thing that we all learned from the pandemic is the value of family. We often feel sad for things that we don’t have and overlook what we already have. Instead, we all should be grateful for what we have. You can inculcate good values into your child by encouraging them to do charity. Make the day more special by donating stuff that is of no use to you to someone needy. You can also ask your child to write a note to express their gratitude for what they have.



So, these are some fun activities that you can do to make the day memorable for your birthday prince or princess. Don’t forget to give a happy birthday bear to your child. Moreover, after doing all these activities, you can end the day by watching your child’s favorite movie. Hopefully, these tips will help you celebrate your kid’s birthday in the best possible way, even during the pandemic.

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