How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

If you have a lot of love for your furry companion and you want to keep them comfortable and safe at all times, make sure you take the right steps at home. From securing cupboards and drawers to removing potential hazards, there are a number of precautions you can take to keep them happy and healthy. Here are a few practical ways to make your home dog-friendly.

Add a Doggy Door

From sensor-activated doors that allow only your own pet into the home to manual models, there are many types of doggy doors on the market to suit different needs. An entrance that your pup can call their own might seem unnecessary, but they are actually an excellent choice for dog owners who are away all day. When nature calls and Fido needs to ‘go’, you don’t want them making a mess indoors. Many dogs try to keep it in until their owner returns to take them out. This can be unhealthy for your dog and make them feel uncomfortable. A doggy door will stop your pup from having accidents inside your home, and it will also enable them to go outside whenever they need to.

Buy Pet-Friendly Furniture

Whether your four-legged friend is a new addition to your family or they have been a member for a few years, they will inevitably leave their mark on your furnishings in one way or another. This could be an accidental mess during their toilet training days, dirtying up the sofa with their mucky paws or scratching an armchair when they excitedly jump up at you. Although you shouldn’t get mad at your furry friend for their mistake, it can be incredibly frustrating and expensive when these accidents occur. Luckily, there are certain fabrics you can choose that are more dog-friendly. The best fabrics for your pets include real leather, faux suede, and wool. Leather is the easiest to maintain and can be wiped clean, faux suede is heavy-duty and scratch-resistant, and wool is surprisingly durable. Alternatively, you can purchase furniture with removable covers or add a decorative throw on top of your larger pieces.

Get Rid of Potential Hazards

There are many potential hazards you need to make yourself aware of when you have an excitable dog in the home. For example, a plate of scraps might seem unappealing to you after you have finished your dinner, but it can seem irresistible to your pooch. Unfortunately, certain human foods, such as chocolate, onions, and grapes, can be deadly for dogs. In addition, some varieties of flowers and plants like lilies, tulips, and daffodils can be incredibly toxic for pooches if ingested. Responsible dog owners should read up on all potential hazards and keep them out of reach of their pets.

Secure Cupboards, Drawers, and Bins

They said curiosity killed the cat, but dogs are also inquisitive creatures who can do some damage to both your property and themselves, especially when left at home by themselves for long periods. Just a quick browse through YouTube, and you will find mischievous dogs getting into cupboards and bins. To stop your pet from getting into areas they shouldn’t, make sure you secure all cupboards, drawers, and bins properly.

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