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How To Make Your Home More Disability Friendly

Our homes should be our safe spaces, and they often need to grow with us to make sure that remains a reality.

This means if you have an accident or injury that ends up changing your life, your home needs to be altered to be able to offer that support.

Did you know that the National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS will, in most cases, fund standard modifications to your home to make it more disabled friendly. In fact, Selectability NDIS Mackay has told us that if you’re wondering about how this can improve your life and home, you should talk to your NDIS service provider or plan manager to discuss how you can benefit from home modifications.

If you are wondering how to make your home more disability friendly, read this piece to find out more!

Swap Stairs for Ramps or Lifts

Stairs can become pretty cumbersome for those who struggle to walk, or walk safely. They can also be a danger for those who have problems with their arms or other upper body parts, as they are used to balance.

Not everyone is able to swap their stairs for ramps, but if they are, this could be a great move – especially for those in wheelchairs. This can make the transition up into the home much more smooth. A stair lift can be an excellent option for internal stairs to help someone get from A to B and keep hold of their independence. It means there will be no need to struggle up the stairs, and everyone can sleep a little easier knowing that is the safest option, helping there be fewer accidents, trips, or falls.

Get Some Rails

We all need something to grab onto from time to time, and it can be difficult to steady yourself if there is nothing to reach out for. Getting some rails installed in your house can really help those who have a tendency to lose their balance or need something to help take the pressure off when they are walking around the home. The bathroom is a particularly important place to have extra rails installed, as the floor of the bath or shower can get extremely slippery, and having something to hold onto can prevent an injury.

Invest in Some Specialist Equipment

Everyone’s needs are different, and you might find that it would be best to invest in some specialist equipment to help improve your or your loved one’s quality of life.

This could be anything from a mobile lifter to an electronic bed. Just make sure to purchase it from a trusted store such as Bosshard Medical.

Enhanced Door Entry System

For some, being disabled can spell a nightmare for unlocking and entering rooms, along with locking them back up and closing doors. Having an enhanced door entry system can help eliminate these issues and make life much easier for the person in question. It can also help lessen the chance of any accidents while entering and exiting the home in a traditional way, ensuring that your home is safe at all times.

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