How to make yourself feel more unique if you are feeling bland and boring 

Feeling bland and boring is the worst feeling ever. It can make you feel down, depressed, and somewhat unenthused by everything in life. This can be a real pain, especially if you are usually the life of the party and a real go-getter. However, there are some ways that you can boost your individuality and have you feeling like yourself again in no time. Here are three ways in which you can make yourself feel more unique if you are feeling bland and boring.

1. Try a new diet

Trying a new diet can help you make the most of your time. It can help you attain better energy levels, lose weight, and can even help boost your confidence. As well as being a new concept to try, you may also enjoy life a little bit more.

Whether you are thinking about turning pescatarian or vegetarian (or even going the next step along to veganism) you can change the way you live by adapting your diet. Alternatively, if mainly plant-based diets don’t suit you, you may even be thinking about going the other way and incorporating more meat into your diet.

You might even decide to start eating in a way that benefits your budget by cutting down on the amount that you eat out and maybe what you put in your body. You might find that by cutting certain foods out of your diet, you are actually doing yourself a favor without realizing it.

A new diet can also impact other areas of your life, too. This can be anything from giving you more energy, to realizing certain ethical decisions that can help you find clarity in the way you live, to simply discovering new foods and meals that also keep those around you happy and healthy. This can be well worth the effort and can even make life a lot more convenient and better planned for those who feel like mealtimes are a bit too much hassle, especially after a tough day at work.

2. Think about your car 

You need to think about what makes you feel like “you,” and that includes what people associate you with. The first item that many people might think about is their car. When your car goes down the road, you want people to know it’s you without even looking at the driver. You might need to be easily spotted and stand out from the crowd, so you should take steps to ensure that those needs are met.

If you are feeling that your car needs to be a little more unique to you, or even needs just a little TLC, there are a few ways in which you can make yourself feel better:

  • Make sure that your vehicle is clean both on the inside and on the outside. This can give a good impression and can make your car far more pleasant to drive and to be driven in.
  • You might want to accessorize your car. Finding model-specific mods can help you make your car truly stand out, as well as add to its practicality. For example, these Toyota 4runner accessories can make your car unique to you, and will make it a lot more enjoyable to own.
  • Get a respray: if not all over, then accentuate some points to make your car just like you—one of a kind.

3. Set yourself some goals 

Setting yourself some goals can make you feel a lot more in control of what is going on around you. It can be unsettling if you find yourself not doing very much towards what you want to do, either because you are too busy running around after everyone else, or you are spending far too much time at work.

This means that you are going to have to cut back on pleasing everybody else and begin to focus on yourself. By setting goals (even little ones) you will give yourself a target that you can persevere towards to truly drive yourself forwards. This is an important step to improving your mindset, and can help you feel more motivated when you are stressed.

Naturally, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed by all of your aspirations and not be able to pick any from the crowd. However, the best one for you to choose would probably be the most realistically achievable for you. This could be simply getting out of bed earlier, going for a walk, or doing some journaling to help you become more mindful. Specifically, journaling can help you feel more at one with yourself and your surroundings, which can be great if you aren’t feeling that you have been expressing yourself well enough lately.

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