How To Optimize a Landing Page for Conversion

Perhaps the most critical part of your entire website, a landing page is the first part of your webpage that will be seen and is the first opportunity to convert webpage viewers to customers. A landing page always presents one main goal, an action that encourages the viewer to complete. This action can provide contact information, sign up for a newsletter, add an item to the online shopping cart for purchase, or any other business-building activity. By optimizing the landing page, you can find improved success in having new viewers complete the task and become ongoing customers. If the idea of creating a landing page is like fingernails on a chalkboard, you can find super-effective landing pages by King Kong, or even WordPress plugins that feature landing page templates.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page of the website that you create to present a call to action. This call to action can be any method of interaction with your page and your business that best fits your needs and can be anything from choosing a product, signing up for a newsletter, watching a video, or almost endless other interactions. When your web address is posted and links are shared, this is the page that will load when someone new accesses the website.

How to Determine Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the number of people who visit the page compared to those who complete your call to action on the landing page and who become solid leads. To determine this rate, simply use the number of leads you receive from your landing page who has completed the task presented and provided their contact information and divide that by the number of views.
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While many people will read the page and then choose to complete the task, others will read the page and then move to a different page, and still, others will simply click away from your landing page and move to a separate page on the website.

Key Factors to Optimize a Landing Page

There are some simple ways to improve your conversion rates and to optimize your landing point. Begin by determining which area or portion of your landing page is getting the most attention, and then clear off any distractions or areas that are pulling attention from the page’s primary goal. By doing this, you will streamline the process and make it fast and easy for people to read your landing page and decide what to do with the information provided.

Once you have completed a simplification, continue to check and adjust the landing page on an ongoing basis. As you make the adjustment, you will see improvements to conversion rates or see them fall and adapt to those responses. Optimize your social media use by connecting it to your landing page, where having a solid social media presence can create confidence in your brand and result in a better conversion rate.

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