How to Pack and Transport Your Clothes

Let’s be honest, as exciting as the thought of packing is so that you can jet off on your holiday sooner rather than later, in reality, it never turns out to be as glamorous as you imagined. Especially when you seem to be making more and more of a mess around your suitcase and less progress with actually putting things into it. And last-minute/rushed packing is even worse because once you’ve reached your destination, you spend more time looking for items than actually going out and about and enjoying yourself…

But worry not! We’ve compiled a much easier guide for you to follow for when you next want to transport high-fashion garments for your nights out, or your work trips via private charter. No matter your destination or length of trip, you can simplify the packing procedure, making your life a whole lot easier in the process as well. To find out what you need to do, keep reading below!

Invest in a Compact Suitcase

As much as you try to limit yourself with the number of clothes you pack, it’s not wrong to say that if you see the space, you’ll want to fill it with something or another. Why waste space when it’s sitting empty, right? To avoid that problem altogether, we suggest that you invest in a suitcase of a reasonable size that can double as your carry-on, as well as act as your main suitcase. The less space you have, the less tempted you’ll be to fill it! We’d also recommend getting something with a hard shell so that you don’t try stuffing the sides of the suitcase. It seems like it won’t make a big difference, but the bag’s structure will help as a guide to condensing your garment choices.

Pick Your Outfits In Reverse

It sounds bizarre, but even the process of how you pick your outfits can make a big difference in how you pack. Instead of spending (and consequently wasting) time by trying to pick certain outfits to pack and then adding things to it later on, have a go at starting the process the opposite way. Lay out all the potential clothes you’d want to take with you (complete with accessories and shoes), and then narrow down your choices. You’d be surprised at how many outfits can come together paired with the same accessories! It’ll save you space knowing that you can reuse multiple items for different days, depending on the occasion. Another thing you should keep in mind is to abandon the “what if I need it?” thoughts and only pack outfits you are sure that you’ll wear. If the “just in case” emergency does arrive, you can always buy something at your destination.

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Marie Kondo Your Packing

Instead of simply stacking your clothes one on top of the other, take a bit of extra time to pack your suitcase properly. Doing so will mean that not only will your bag be much more organized when you arrive at your destination, but it’ll also mean a much better chance of your clothes staying wrinkle-free! Try adopting the KonMari folding method from Marie Kondo so that as many of your clothes stand upright in neatly folded rows as possible. And go a step even further by utilizing your suitcase space by doing things like stuffing folded socks inside your shoes and lining them at the bottom of the suitcase. That way, they don’t dirty your clothes, or you could use packing cubes to organize things more efficiently.

Have a Traveling Toiletries Bag at the Ready

One of the most efficient and time-saving techniques for packing is setting aside a toiletries kit dedicated specifically for whenever you travel. Another great tip we’ve picked up from Marie Kondo; have a separate toiletries bag at the ready with all your essentials, so you can simply pick it up and pop it into your suitcase whenever needed. Another way to be more space-efficient is by packing multi-purpose products, like base makeup that combines SPF as well as coverage, so there’s one less thing for you to carry on board. And to make things easier for yourself during traveling, we’d recommend keeping your toiletries towards the top of your suitcase in a see-through bag for easy access when you are passing through security. Click here: cbdgummies

Pack Light with Kids

Although it sounds a lot easier said than done, if you’re traveling with infants, where possible, you should try and limit yourself and avoid bringing prams, cribs, or other bulky items like that onboard the flight. Not only is it a hassle to look after the children as well as the other luggage, but you’ll also often end up paying a lot more because of the additional weight. You’re better off saving your money at check-in and seeing if gear like prams is available at your hotel, or, in some cases, renting it out might even work out cheaper and without the hassle of having to transport it back and forth. Other items for daily use like baby formula or powder can be easily found in most places, no matter where your holiday is. The only thing you won’t want to skip out on is diapers and a set of extra clothes in case of any spillages.

And there you have it! Those are our top 5 tips for the next time you’re off on holiday and want to make sure that packing is the least of your worries! For more information visit this site:  topnewsplus

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