How to Pass the Florida Contractor License Exam on Your First Try

The Florida Contractor License Exam is necessary for anyone looking to become a certified contractor in Florida. Passing this exam on your first try can be challenging, but with the right preparation and knowledge, it is possible to achieve success. This article will provide an overview of the exam and offer tips on passing it on your first attempt.

What is the Florida Contractor License Exam?

The Florida Contractor License Exam is a two-day, open-book, multiple-choice test administered by Pearson VUE. It consists of two parts: Business and Finance and Trade Knowledge. The Business and Finance portion covers contracts, business law, accounting principles, financial management, insurance requirements, labor laws, lien laws, taxes, and more. The Trade Knowledge portion covers construction techniques and methods; building codes; safety regulations; materials; tools; estimating; scheduling; project management; blueprint reading; and more.

Preparing for the Exam

The best way to prepare for the exam is to study thoroughly beforehand. You should familiarize yourself with the material covered on the exam to be well prepared when you take it. Many resources are available online and they can help you prepare for the exam. Additionally, review courses are available that provide in-depth instruction and test prep materials. Additionally, several companies offer classes to help you pass the exam on your first try.

Taking the Exam

When taking the exam, it is important to stay focused and organized throughout the entire process. Make sure you read all questions carefully before answering them and double-check your answers before submitting them at the end of each section. Additionally, ensure you have all your reference materials handy to quickly look up any information or formulas needed during the test. Finally, ensure you arrive early so you have plenty of time to settle in before starting your exam.

After Passing

Once you have passed both portions of the exam successfully, you will need to apply for a license from the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). This application must include proof of passing scores from both exam portions and other documents, such as proof of identity or work experience, to be approved by DBPR’s Bureau of Education & Testing (BET). Once BET approves, your license will be issued within 30 days after submission if all requirements are met correctly.

Where to Enroll

If you are interested in taking the Florida Contractor License Exam, many different companies offer classes specifically designed to help prepare you for it. For example, RocketCert is a leader in contractor exam preparation, offering online courses and practice exams to help you achieve success on the Florida Contractor License Exam. Additionally, they offer personalized support and feedback to help you identify areas of improvement throughout the course.


Passing the Florida Contractor License Exam can seem intimidating, but with proper preparation, it is possible to pass it on your first try! Make sure to thoroughly study beforehand using online resources or classes offered by companies specializing in helping people pass this type of exam successfully.

Additionally, stay focused during test day while having all reference materials handy just in case they are needed during any part of it! Finally, once passed, don’t forget about applying for a license from DBPR’s Bureau Of Education & Testing which requires certain documents along with proof of passing scores from both portions of this exam!

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